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Nov 17, 2003
Apparently on his way to the Plaza Cutlery Show, the knives pictured below we taken from Ken Onion's luggage. They are one of a kind. He had a layover in San Francisco from Honolulu to Huntington Beach. Please keep your eyes out as this occured as of today/yesterday.


If this has been posted elsewhere, I apologize.
OMG! That is horrible. Do you know what the airlines response was? I'm sure at least on of those will show up on the market eventually.. That makes me sick...:barf:
Son of a @$^%^ !! I'll be watching ebay vigilantly for any of these knives to show up. If I see one, I'll holler loudly....
Anywhere Anyplace If I See Those Puppies They F.... Nobody Takes A Mans Hard Labor Specially That Kind Of Art.life Aint Free You Always Pay Soon Or Later . No Way Any Of Those Go Undetected.bets Of Luck In Getting Them Back
Keep Ken in your prayers too as I couldn't imagine something like this happening to me.
Whoa. Not cool. I cant imagine how much is invested there. Good luck to Ken, I hope all is found.
I was sent an e-mail from a good friend of Ken's about this. I have been looking hard on craigslist.org and what not for any sign of them. I am speachless of what to say to this my self. But here are back shots as well of the knives just one more piece for you folks to know what too look for if you spot something.

OMG!! That is horrible! I hope the scum sucking slime ball that did this to Mr. Onion is caught!!( and then drawn and quartered!) My prayers go out to Mr. Onion!!
That fucker will be caught. This warrants A FULL SCALE criminal investigation, and there's only so many hands that luggage could have passed through.
:eek: Un$#%&in'believable... And we're supposed to TRUST airport security. Bah! I'll definitely give a holler if I see any around my 'woods'... Philly has a craigslist.org page too, and I'm constantly scanning for customs to pick up all over the net.

... You KNOW these will show up somewhere... Has anyone reached out on other boards to spread the word? Usual Suspects or ckgforums, etc? How about the main internet dealers?

Those are beautiful Onions... It'll be an honor to do what I can to help recover them!


P.S. Can we get this thread sticky for awhile for maximum exposure?
Usual Suspect is all over it too. I got the info there and from email. Not sure about the others, but I know the word is spreading quickly. I can't believe this happened. It just sucks badly.:(
those are beautiful knives and worth a small fortune. I doubt the thief knows what he has. They might try to pawn them in a city near the airport where the theft went down. . . does anyone know what airport(s) the knives might have been stolen from?
I'm in shock, Ken is one of the truly nice guys. All I can do is echo what everyone has said.

You're especially right, Brandon, this is grand larceny and requires immediate investigation.

Whole new and even a poorer example of Snakes On Planes. My feelers are out. Please post any new info as it comes. Check-In, Destination and Change over locations might help as well as airline and description of container they were in.
Ken, if your reading, we got your back. I hope all ends well.