Stone Washed Blade

Feb 9, 1999
As some of you may know I picked up a Small Sebenza from STJAMES, Can't remember who had it before him(Joe?) but anyway it has a stone washed ATS-34 blade..hey maybe I'll start another one of those ATS34 steel is the DADDY threads....just kidding!! But I really do like ats and cm154 steels..and Chris Reeves knows how to work with it well, temper on this is just right..sorry gettin off the subject...So I was reading that thread about scratched blades and was wondering how they do this stonewash? Do they put it in a tumbler or something? Anyone know?? DEXTER OR JOE T.? The top edge is polished. It looks really cool, any other makers use it?..and I guess it doesn't show scratches as bad...Cause I'm gonna use the heck out of this WORKER, even though its 170 out of 200...
I was wondering if someone could take a badly scratched blade and stone wash it to hide scuffs and stuffs?
Anyone know how its done?

I'm not sure either about how they stonewash-finished the knives, but they sure look purty! My REKAT Pioneer (old lock style) has this finish too. You might want to try asking Bob Taylor about this. So far I only see this on my Sebenzas and the said Pioneers, none has seen use since I bought them, so I'm not sure about scratches.

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I think the stonewash comes from tumbling it with glass beads of some sort, not real sure though as my memory is fuzzy on that long ago conversation. I plan on talking to Anne Monday and, will have to ask again if my feeble memory holds out that long

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Is there an online picture you know of of a stonwashed blade? I'd like to see one...
If interested in how "stonewashed" finish looks like, check out the Gerbers as most of them probably have been tumbled. Perhaps this isn't comparable with the Sebenzas finish. I don't know, haven't seen a Sebenza in real life.
Is "stonewashed" synonymous with bead blasted?

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Cinnamon, stonewashed looks nothing like bead blasted...its really unique. Has lots of very pronounced squiggly scatches on the blade. Anne Reeves told me its tumbled with small stones, sets up scratches in a kinda random pattern.I think more companies should use it. I does not get smudges or show scratches at all.The top edge is polished and ofcourse the sharpen edged is brite. I really like its look...Thanx to all who directed and helped me!!!BART


Sorry didn't know Donald linked the knife forums CRK page...Pretty cool Donald

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