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Oct 25, 1998
I saw the article on this man` s knives in the May `99 issue of Tactical knives. I like the designs-especially the MT. Anyone have any experience with these knives and sharpness. Any dealers carry them?
I have also read the article on Duane Dwyers
knives and have been very impressed. I personally like the AD model and would like to know if anyone has had experience with his knives.
If there are any questions we can answer we will be more than happy to. As far as personal experience with them I guess my opinion would be some what biased. If you attend any gun or knife shows we are at, we have a book which contains letters from individuals that have put our knives through all kinds of uses which will attest to their durability under extreme hard use. In addition, I will gather up a list of dealers and post it here in the next few days. Knives may also be bought directly from us 760-967-6445 and at this time the waiting list is about seven months Thank You Strider Knives
I have personnaly watched Duane test (abuse?) his knives at shows for prospective customers.

He was right across from me at San Francisco last weekend. I lost track of the number of times he beat on the steel legs of his table with various knives and watched the looks on the faces of the customers when he showed the blades with no sign of damage or dulling. They were amazed.

He used the edges of these knives and the table leg was a mess by the end of the show. The knives he used were the regular show case knives, not special test knives.

Yeah, they're that good. I would carry them in my store but he seems to be too busy filling customer orders to make enough to stock a store.

You can't get much better than a Strider Knife. Well worth what he asks for them. Navy SEALs love them.


Only Sharp Knives are Interesting!

Sterile knives are a common request and we will do it at no extra charge. However, stipulations regarding sterile knives will be discussed at the time of ordering. Thank you for your inquiry.
It is our policy that any customization to any Strider knife requires an actual conversation with either Mick or Duane at 760.967.6445.
I recently had an opportunity to visit the people at Strider Knives and examine some of their knives on premise. I was quite impressed with the quality of their work, and expect to have an opportunity to evaluate one or two of their knives for an article destined for Knives Illustrated. Would there be one or two particular models any of you would like to see evaluated, models that haven't been reported on elsewhere? Let us hear from you. Thanks.
Scott at Mooreknives has 3 in stock and he is a great guy. You can email him at. or phone

Regards Ken B
Sorry, Scott now only has 2 left. Great service too. Mine is being shipped off to the UK asap.


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I would like to see the M.H. model tested. It is a heavier blade configuration designe dwith woodland survival in mind which I really like. I'd also like to see the AD tested out.

Thanks for letting us be a part of it too Mr. Lang.
All STRIDER KNIVES come with a sheath designed by STRIDER KNIVES and made by SPECIAL OPERATIONS EQUIPMENT. Our sheaths have a form fit kydex liner inside a cordura housing. SOE builds gear for all west coast SEAL teams RECON Marines even NASA.
For more info call:
STRIDER KNIVES 760.967.6445
I'm pretty sure I see Strider Knives at the local S.F. Bay Area Gun Shows...and I like the stuff, but avoid the table, as my wallet tends to have a mind of its own around sharp things for sale....


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Thanks for your answer Strider Knives. I was wondering as in the article I saw both Kydex and cordura sheaths.

thanks and take care collin
In the article you mention there are both cordura and kydex sheaths shown. We do on occasion have requests for kydex only sheaths, or multiple carry systems.

Thanks for your interest.

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