Stryker and Striker ?

Stryker and Striker, sounds like a Law firm!

I have the Benchmade Elishewitz Strykers which I do like very much so, but I have been thinking on purchasing the Custom Elishewitz Striker also.

Not speaking on a collectors view but more on the view of the knife user, is the vast cost differences really worth it, retail of 145 bucks vs. 375 bucks and up? I realize to a collector the answer of course would be YES. Buying the Custom Striker for a working knife, what do you think? Other than the obvious looks comparing the two and being one is virtually hand made compared to production made, what justifies the big cost differences other than that? Pretty much the same materials are used in the making of the BM Stryker and the Custom Striker from what I can make of these pics below. Hate to spend that much money on one knife if it really isn't a big difference between them, but if there is, heck ya! Maybe someone who has both can shed some real light here for me!



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Oct 9, 1998
I have several of the BM/Elishewitz production knives as well as an older Elishewitz custom (omega M6.) The handmade knife is far and away a nicer knife and will do anything that the production knives will do, but if you are buying it to actually use, I would go with the production. Everytime I get a custom knife, I carry it a few times and then put it in the safe and go back to production. I just cant stand the thought of busting up a $400 knife and the production versions cut just as well.
Hi Mark,
To answer your question about the difference between the two knives; BM uses .050 tit for there liner and locks. Also a flat g10 scale that has a texture on the surface. My custom knives has a .065 tit. liner and lock, the g10 is contoured from a piece of 1/8 thick. The custom is not the same size as BM (it is 3½"), it is actually in between the large and small size. Also the grind and finish on the blade are different. Within the next month I'll be using a thicker stock for the blade. I hope this answers some of your questions. Lewis, you made a good point.
Thanks Allen E
Thanks Allen

I may go for your custom jobs if you can make it at leas as large as the BM #910 or larger. If you will and if I do, you know I have to buy more than one!
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Allen -- my eyes almost popped when I saw your name in here -- WELCOME!

I hope you post regularly.

I must say I'm a big fan of your designs, especially the ARES...

PS Just curious: why are you using a different email address in your profile than that of in your website?

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Let me second the welcome. Having the top people in the biz post on here is one of the things that makes this place great. BTW, I think the shadow and striker are both great looking knives and hope to get one or the other someday soon. Your new website is also great. keep up the excellent work.
I also want to welcome you. I have the BM Stryker and BM Sentinel. I love both designs!

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Welcome Allen! I feel like I know a celebrity. Your designs are first rate! Maybe you can answer a question for me.

How come a production knife rarely becomes a custom knife? I mean, why wouldn't a highly successful designer not do a custom version of the same knife that a BM delivers in its line?