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Stryker review

Aug 31, 1999
Looking for a review of the Benchmade model 910S Stryker. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Try this:


The Stryker has gotten even better since then. Benchmade fixed the hokey closed-position blade stop setup they were using at first by adding a closed stop pin, and that also allowed them to move the thumb disk into the middle of the finger cutout so that it opens easier, and is pretty ambidextrous. It also now comes in M-2 steel. Great knife, especially for a chisel-tipped liner-lock.


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I've been carrying a stryker daily for almost a year now and I have no complaints what so ever. The handle ergonomics are unparalleled, the blade is easy to sharpen and holds a good edge. This is the Hi-Geo tanto for the guy who doesn't like Hi-Geo Tanto's. The blade is much more functional than the chisel grinds popularize by Emersons CQC-6 and 7 but still offers a high degree of strength and penetration ability. My only warning would be to actually look and handle the knife that you will buy...I have seen Benchmade pieces come out of the factory w/ rough actions and handles. My girlfriend got stuck w/ a Bum stryker by not looking at the knife she bought ( She should have taken me w/ her!). Never the less mine is slicker than greased snot and a pure joy to carry!