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Surefire L7 Rechargable

Michael Dye

Dealer / Materials Provider
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Nov 26, 1999
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Rugged rechargeable performance in an extended runtime five-watt LED that produces a maximum output of 75 lumens (over four times more powerful than a typical two D-cell flashlight). The L7 light output if continuously run is: 1 hour of tactical-level light, then .5 hour of diminishing moderate light, then 1 hour of minimal light, giving 2.5+ hours of total useful light. The L7 flashlight is sold as part of a complete system (the L7-415), which comes with two B90 batteries, a Rapid SmartCharger(tm) featuring microprocessor technology to protect the charging battery from the voltage spikes typical of automotive and marine electrical systems, an AC charger transformer, and a DC auto adapter. The L7 LumaMax features switching developed for law enforcement - push tailcap button for momentary illumination or emergency signaling, twist head for continuous illumination.

Thanks for the look, Mike