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Survive! knives GSO 5.1

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Sep 8, 2014
Hello friends,
I'm selling my GSO 5.1 CPM20CV.
The knife is new, I only used it to test it out one time cutting and wittling a bit of wood.

This is a great survival knife/ all around use knife.

Green canvas micarta scales.

The only thing I have to mention is that I accidentally dropped it on the ground and the edge (at the almost very tip) hit a small rock and put a tiny little ding in the edge in that area. It is almost nothing and no real damage to the knife. A quick sharpening will fix that easy, no problem. I'm not good at sharpening yet so I don't want to touch it.

200.00$ shipped (US and Canada). Paypal please (I will cover the fees). Message me here or even better email me at fsgendron@gmail.com

A great knife.20150127_224915_LLS.jpg20150127_224755_LLS.jpg20150127_224641_LLS.jpg20150127_224837_LLS.jpg20150127_225215_LLS.jpg
Sorry I forgot to mention the sheath, yes it has a black kydex.

Will update soon on the status of the sale.