Suspicious Seller - Targeting Randall Collectors

Nov 17, 1999
Hi Gang,

I've received some information that I want to pass along to all Randall Collectors.

I have been contacted by two different friends who are also Randall Collectors asking my opinion on a matter. It seems that a person from Russia has contacted both of them looking to sell a very old, and expensive Randall - a Model 18 with Crutch Tip. Each person has replied that they would be happy to purchase the knife, they would just need to view and authenticate it first. In both cases however, the Russian Seller has responded giving a lengthy personal history about himself, his wonderful Family, his place of Employment and how he has had many good overseas transactions. Then he has stated that he would need some money up front before sending the knife to them. Not much money, just some "good faith" funds to seal the deal.

First let me say that I do not know the true intentions of this Seller, he may be legit. However, I have advised that I would NOT send any money before receiving and authenticating the knife. I suggested using a third party as a mediator, one who is impartial to the situation and knowledgable about Older Randall knives.

I probably don't need to say this, but this kind of situation sounds very suspicious and should be regarded as such until proven otherwise. It is very easy to do a Search on Ebay and from your public Feeback learn that you are a Collector of specific kinds of items, then contact you with a deal that is almost "too good to be true". Several months ago I was myself contacted by a very friendly person from the isle Brunai (sp?). He wanted me to send an expensive knife to him and "just as soon as he had the Tracking number of the package" then he would of course put the payment in the mail to me. :rolleyes: I politely declined to send the knife before receiving funds.

Just a heads up and some personal advice to all Randall as well as other specific Knife Collectors.
That was my Randall 18.I sold it on eBay and heard about this Russian selling it about 3 weeks later.He used my pics and text in his sales pitch.The knife sold here in the states.