Swamprat, Fallkniven, ESEE, TOPS, DPx,..REDUCED!!!!!!!!

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Jan 15, 2010
Gotta sell some more knives. USPS M/O's only. No trades please. CONUS only. First " I'll take it" w/follow up PM or email gets it. All knives are NEW, Unused, Unsharpened unless noted otherwise.

Left row:

Camillus/Becker BK2....SPF

Ontario MK3, Mod O, USN (marked seconds but perfect to my eye) Kydex sheath...$50

TOPS Air Wolfe, PE, w/nylon-Kydex sheath, 1095...$85

Kabar Model 5020, PE, w/Kydex sheath...$60

Ontario RAT-7, D2, PE, Spec-Op sheath...$80SPF

Right row:

Bark River Loveless Drop-Point hunter(older discontinued model), used but very good condition, leather sheath...$125

ESEE 3PMVG, Kydex sheath...$75SPF

ESEE 4P, Kydex sheath...$80SPF

DPx H.E.F.T 4 Assault w/nylon sheath, Sleipner steel...$70SPF

SwampRat Rodent 4, Kydex taco sheath,(modifications; entire spine was stripped and polished and the palm swell was ground down for a MUCH better fit in the hand. All of the work was done by a well known forum member. The individual pics attempt to detail the work). It has been gently used and resharpened and is in very good condition...$100SPF

Fallkniven S1, w/Kydex sheath, satin blade...$120SPF

Buck Hoodlum, 5160 steel, Kydex sheath...$100 DSC00279.jpg DSC00280.jpg DSC00281.jpg
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Nov 6, 2005
DPx H.E.F.T 4 Assault w/nylon sheath, Sleipner steel...$70

I'll take it.
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