Swiss Tool Update...

Oct 5, 1998
Well I've had my Swiss Tool for 1 year now and have had nothing but Great things to say about it. If you all remember the Equipped To Survive review of the Swiss Tool, it stated that the only possible "weak" point may be the bow spring used for the lock. Anybody have trouble with theirs yet? Ive really used mine for hard use and the only thing that is different is the red on the side went away a long time ago.

Nope, narry a problem, and one fellow said he didn't like it because you couldn't change out the blades or tools if they broke, since they are riveted in, not worried, SAK honors their products very well, had two friends that the scales came off their pocket knives, sent them back and they replace the knives, no questions asked. Love my Swiss Tool, I've heard rumors that they were designing a small er lighter version? Anyone know of that?


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I have been carrying my SwissTool for about 6 months now and have not had any problems.

I use it mainly to cut open boxes, but I have gotten some use out of the screwdrivers, pliers, file, pry tool and saw.

Well, my Swisstool is only a couple months old, but it's doing fine, especially in it's new home, one of Gary's leather horizontal sheaths ! Thanks, G2.
I have been carrying my Swisstool on my duty belt for almost a year. My only complaint is that it is heavier than the Gerber Multi Lock it replaced. On the plus side it is a better tool overall. I rarely use it though, and have given thought as to whether or not it is worth carrying around. Of course the day I remove it from my belt will be the day I need it!
Does anybody remember the first thing that their Swiss Tool was used for? The first time I had to use mine was when a drain was backed up. There was all sorts of crud floating around in about 3 inches of fowl water. A co-worker asked to use mine to reach down into the drain (and completely immerse my new Swiss Tool) and twist a valve shut (he may as well have asked for a date with my girlfriend!). I wound up pulling his SOG Power Plier off his belt and handed it to him.
I just bought mine from REI for $56.99. I
haven't used mine yet but I can tell the
quality is much better than my Super Tool. It is kept in the car tool kit. I still have my PST II as a daily carry with the flashlight/tool sheath from Leatherman. The scissors is the tool I use most next to the pliers.
Better than the SuperTool?...yes, but better than the WAVE...uuuh uhhh...nope.