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Switchplier Mini Review

Oct 26, 2000
Got mine a couple of days ago and I gotta say, this thing is the best. It is very well constructed, the pliers are nice and tight and there are some really nice details.

When I first started playing with it I thought that the silver handle part was a bit off center but then I realized that it is that way on purpose so that it will have a bit of tension when folded up thus keeping it from flopping around. Hard to explain, but easy to understand if you have the thing in front of you.

The only bummer I can think of with this tool is the 1/4 inch drive socket adaptor. I have no use for this and really wish it were a phillips instead.

The blade is chisel ground and partially serrated, fairly sharp.

Other tools are:
1) small screwdriver/can opener.
2) 1/4 drive socket adaptor
3) large screwdriver/bottle opener
4) 3 sided file, coarse and fine sides

But of course the real reason I will carry this tool is the ultra kewl gadget factor. The pliers pop out very fast and are ready to go. I like the fact that they are spring loaded- that has always been one of the reasons that I don't care for the leatherman tools.

The Switchplier feels really comfortable in the hand. There is a nice heft to it and the fact that it is a true no nonsense one handed tool is an important bonus. The first task I gave it was to cut a couple of wires. I had a length of wire coming throught the wall that I really didn't want to let go of and was able to whip out the plier and easily open it with one hand. The cutters snip cleanly and with authority.

All in all on a scale of 1-10 I give this tool a 10 1/2 on the gadget factor and an 8 on utility. Although I usually don't care for sheaths, SOG supplies a very nice padded clip- on type with the Switchplier. I'll use it.

Thank you SOG!

Peter Atwood

Forgot to mention an important point.

Anyone who has used their multitools a lot will agree that using the screwdriver is a bit awkward. The handles of all multitools that I have used (Gerber, Leatherman, SOG) are squared and broad so that it's as if you were trying to use a flat rectangular handle screwdriver. I have always found it very uncomfortable but figure that it will do in a pinch.

Well, the new Switchplier's toolbox is extremely comfortable to use no matter what tool you have out. With the pliers folded up you can still access all the tools and the rounded taper of the handle makes using the individual tools pretty much like using a regular screwdriver. This is something I can really appreciate because when I go to Mrs. Smith's house and start taking apart a room I won't have to stop pulling nails out of the wall and go scrounging for a screwdriver so as to remove the switchplates. Smart design.

That's all for now.

Peter Atwood

Does the SwitchPlier have SOG's usual 50/50 serrated blade? I really don't like those at all. I like separate plain edge and fully serrated blades. How are your blades?
Yeah, the blade is a chisel grind with 50/50 serrations. But I gotta say I'm not going to be using the blade much. I've got too many knives in my pocket for that

I took a look at the Leatherman line again today and I still say that I can't see why people stick by them so much. I think Gerber tools are so much better designed and practical to use. Not to mention tougher. I trashed my old leatherman plier teeth in fairly short order. But to be fair to Leatherman, he does come up with frequent innovations and the Wave does have more comfortable handles than the earlier tools. Haven't seen the Pulse yet so I can't comment on that.

Anyhow, the switchplier's got 'em all beat for the kewl factor.

Peter Atwood