Szabo/Elishewitz folding UUK

Nov 8, 1998
I just received my May issue of "Tactical Knives." On page 83 is a review of the Szabo/Elishewitz folding UUK by James Keating. It is one wild looking knife.

I know that liner locks have been getting trashed lately, but this knife design looks like it could get away with the liner lock. The sharpened part of the blade is well forward of the pivot. There is a substantial guard integral with the blade by the pivot. If the blade were to close, the dull guard and not the sharp edge would contact the closest finger. It would be a simple matter to push the blade open with the finger and would probably happen automatically. Maybe knife makers that insist on liner locks could take a lesson from this knife and leave a section near the pivot unsharpened.

Where would the length of the blade be measured? From the handle or guard portion? Does anyone think that they could convince the authorities that they carry it for utility?

I believe that most jurisdictions will measure the "stabbing" length of a blade, not the "cutting" length. That, on most knives, would mean all of the blade from handle to tip.
This topic comes up regularly on rec.knives and ,I believe, here. Consensus seems to be as I stated above.
But there are, always, optimists

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