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Tactical Ghurka - opinions please

Apr 5, 2000
This is a follow up topic to my earlier post about defensive blades. In a nutshell, I'm looking for a "carry-able" fixed blade for defensive puposes. I had been looking at a CS Kobun (I like the slicing ability of a curved tanto). I came across the Junglee tactical ghurka. I've done my due diligence and searched the forums for info on this knife and found none. However, it does appear that Junglee can be a sore subject for some, as they are accused of stealing blade designs. The tactical ghurka, however, seems to be unique (that may just be because I'm a knife design rookie though).

Jeff Randall seemed to like one of the other junglee fixed blades, and general reviews of the fixed blades sees to be good. Anyone have any experience with this knife?

I really like the recurved blade, it seems to me to be an even better slicer than a curved tanto. CS makes the only other recurved blades of this size (Vaquero), but I don't want a folder (I'm very happy with my Endura in that dept.) The 5" blade also meets my requirement of legal carry in Texas (less than 5 1/2"), seems like an excellent defensive design, and would even be good for general utility (because of the ample belly).

What do y'all think? Am I off my rocker?
How hard to sharpen a recurved blade? (I use DMT stones).

Thanks in advance for your input!!
I already responded to your other post about the junglee, but I will post again because I wish to warn you passionately about how valueless this knife is in my opinion. In short it is a coated prybar with a kraton handle and leather sheath and nothing more than that. It will not out slice the Kubon even with the recurve because of several factors: first, my knife came so dull that it could not slice paper. Second, the edge is so thick it can not be sharpened to a level greater than a hatchet. Third it is saber ground (v ground) so that even attempting to sharpen the knive would only make the edge angle more abrubt. Fourth, it is way too thick for the blade's width. It really is just a prybar and nothing more. The tang does not even go all the way down to the lanyard hole in the handle. Jeff Randal gave the other junglee knives a good review, but they have grinds that extend farther up the blade width, so they will perform better. If you really want a recurve blade and don't want a folder, get the desperado from Cold Steel. I questioned the egg shaped handle's ability to stay on the tang with no rivits or screws or what not, but no one has reported handle failure so far. It is also under the 5.5in limit you spoke of. The Kubon would be the more useful knife though, even if you are only going to take it out to cut open a frozen dinner package in the privacy of your house.
...as Scooby Doo would say - "ZOIKS"!!

Thanks for the info, this is exactly the stuff I wanted to know about. As I mentioned in the other post, I already have heavy duty knives.

Thanks again for taking the time to prevent a mistake...Hopefully I can return the favor sometime...

Looks like the Kobun for me...
Shaggy says "Zoinks"

I know nothing of big knives, but kid shows... that's another story.


I grew up in the 70's and I currently have 4 kids. I KNOW Scooby also says "Zoinks!"

I wonder what kind of knife Fred carries? Probably a SAK with a magnifying glass.

Must have missed that episode... I think Scooby Doo would say "ROINKS, RITE RAGGY..."

I feel tired, time for a Scooby Snack

Go the Himalayan Imports Forum and talk to Uncle Bill. He has a wide variety of authentic Nepalese khukuris. His customer service is great and he will bend over backwards to help you find the one that's right for you.
Ditto OMRie (a fellow OC-er!). Visit the Himalayan Imports site at


Although the khukuris discussed on the forum are typically of the gargantuan variety (e.g., the current thread here and in HI forum on Will Kwan's AK Bowie), HI also carries some very elegant, "petite" models. For example, see if Bill can dig up the pic of the Chesapeake Bay model (OAL 9", 6 oz; blade probably 5"). The Dhankuta is also a 9" OAL model (the HI site definitely has a pic), at a price probably similar to your NEW Campanion. From time to time, a Dhankuta can be had with silver mounted deerhorn, resembling ivory but more durable, apparently.

So check it out and let us know what you find! Have fun --

Here's a link to an HI thread I started, on "petite" khukuris:


FYI --

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I decided "no" on a khukri because of the difficulty of sharpening.