Talonite Neck Knife by Rob Simonich


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Oct 2, 1998
This is a preliminary report since I just got this knife, but I'd like to share a little bit about it.

Some time ago I told Rob Simonich that I'd like to have a talonite neck knife made by him. Small enough to be stealthy but with enough of a blade to be functional for utility or defensive purposes.

Rob has come through in grand style as those who have dealt with him in the past can already attest to.

What my friendly postman dropped off to me today was just what I had hoped for, only better.

The piece is six inches overall length with a 2.5 inch cutting edge. The blade is flat ground and Rob estimates a 20 degree edge or so. (It is sharp. I like cutting glossy magazine paper to test a knife's sharpness and Rob's baby cuts like mad.) The blade is made of 1/8 inch Talonite stock.

The blade is hand polished on the flats, and the rest is ceramic bead blasted.

There is a cutout for the index finger which also creates a guard. This area is partially serrated for grip retention. The spine also has serrations where the thumb comes to rest.

I had mentioned to Rob that I did not want the knife to "print" under my shirt as we rarely wear heavy clothing here in South FL.

Rob affixed thin carbon fiber scales to the knife (with 416 ss pins) yet left an exposed "hammer pommel" with a small lanyard attached.

The knife lives in a well formed "carbon fiber" style concealex sheath. The lockup is superb, leaving just enough of the handle available to get a good grip for withdrawal.

As "pretty" as this knife is, you can tell it was made/designed by a craftsman who knows what a using knife is all about.

With the approaching hurricane, I may get a chance to use it cutting all manner of household and outdoor material, not to mention its obvious applications for a marine environment. (I live a stones throw from the ocean. Most of you already know by now that Talonite is essentially impervious to corrosion.)

So, in conclusion, to say that I am a happy camper would be to understate the matter some. Rob's work is well worth the wait, and you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer guy to make your knife for you.

(Rob's got some pictures as do I, but I think he actually knows how to post them here. I may have to abandon ship soon, so he may be in a better position to post them at this time.)

Live Free or Die


Lucky you.

Fred Perrin is planning to get talonite from Rob and create a batch of La Griffe in it.

BTW France is a wonderful place for Refugees !


Thanks JM.

Fred will do well to make some Griffes of Talonite. Help separate me from my money some more!

Rob said he will be happy to help Fred get the product he needs.

As for France being a great place for refuguees, don't I know it!!!!

But then do you want me and T to be parked on your couch for two weeks again?

Then again, it sure beats waiting for this storm to make up its mind!


Live Free or Die

With all those neck knives you have I hope you can stay afloat
Take care & best of luck Elliott!
Blues, you couldn't have chosen a better knife for possible survival duty, Talonite continues to astound me with it's edge retention and light weight. Hope you don't really get into a survival situation tho, good luck.
I have had several knives made by Rob, and they are crafted beautifully. I'm waiting on my first Talonite blade from him. I can't wait to see Talonite in action! Congrats on your new blade!
I sent them to Spark and asked if he would post them.

Maybe if you pressure him a little.....


Live Free or Die

Images of The Knife o'Blues:




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Great looking knife! I like the carbon fiber patterned sheath...matches the handle.

Thanks for the picture Spark.

Wow, very neat Blues. I still have one knife in the works with Rob, maybe he's got some of that carbon fiber pattern stuff left over ! That would make a great companion piece for my BF Native w/sheath. Hmmm, oh Rob...