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Tanto & Hunter

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Dec 29, 2005
I'm selling two knives made by me. The first is a tanto blade that is forged from a mill file, the blade is 3 7/8" X 1/8" and 8 7/8" oal. The blade is flat ground with a filework thumbstop on the spine. The handle and sheath are walnut, leather, and brass. Im asking $120 shipped in cont. us.

Thge second knife is a hunting blade forged from a leaf spring. The blade is 3 7/8" X 3/16" and 7 3/4" oal. This blade is flat ground with a filed thumbstop. The handle is elk antler and leather, the guard is brass, the pin is a mosaic of brass and copper. This knife comes with a leather sheath. I'm asking SOLD shipped in cont. us. blutsauchen@hotmail.com