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Mar 19, 1999
the noise im talking about is"knock knock knock, Who is it, UPS". I am waiting for my Benchmade Pinnacle serr. It should be here by the morning, i got it 2nd day air from Cutlery Shoppe. I'll give you all a review when i get it.
Hahaha! You are so right. I can now recognize the sound of a UPS truck before it even enters my apartment complex. But the saddest sight is to hear this and then see it drive right past


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Speaking of noises...
We always think its so funny that when ELU's call us, this is what you hear:
"Hi this is so-and-so (click) and I need to (click) send my knife (click) in for (click) sharpening.

The 'click' is everyone playing with their knives while they're talking to us! If we need them to look at something on the knife, we always know they have it right there...

Too funny
LOL!!!! Guilty as charged! Damn, I really am predictable!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

What are you (click) talking about? (click) I don't play with (muffled click) my knives when I ("Bang dropped th d*%# thing) am on the phone. HeHeHe

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!
Danelle, I get the same story from my fiancee. She always pauses (deciding if it's worth the trouble of listening to my goofy explanations) before asking what the clicking noise is.

BTW, the correct term is not "playing."
The correct term is "training."
Its better with(click click click click click click) a butterfly knife though.


Cut open a mans box and he will be happy for a day. Teach him to cut and he will be happy forever.
A couple of years ago, I was visiting my Dad (who lives quite far away) and as usual, I spent my time watching movies from his endless film collection and after one action-blast, we started discussing balisongs and he showed me a way to open and close it (I already knew one, but he taught me a better one) and after some practicing, I could do it without really putting my mind on it. When it was late, I was still staring at the TV and flicking the knife open and closing it and suddenly, he came into the living room and said "Damn! Now I know how the missus felt when I had bought that knife!".
Mr. William Johnson just called me today, and we were both clicking like crazy...lol

I was in a meeting the other day, couple of people who I feel comfortable with, and it didn't occur to me till the end of the meeting that I'd been opening and closing my Mini-Dyad blades over and over as we talked ! No-one said anything tho or acted startled, so I guess they must be used to this activity on my part. Maybe they're ready to buy a knife ?
No, Brian,
They were waiting for you to put the knife down
so they could call the police.


"The trouble ain't that there is too many fools,
but that the lightning ain't distributed right"
- Mark Twain -


Shhhhhh! Did you just hear something?

Nope! (CLICK!!)

BTW, Danelle, My user name is William but I go by Shane. Or you can just use my wife's pet name for me "Butthead" Ain't she great?
Back off guys, she's all mine! (At least that's what the marriage license says)

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So is it Shane, or is it William?
And how do you get Shane out of William?
MaybeI need a nickname...

Spyderwoman? Annie arachnid? Cherry chelicerate? Webby? Stop me when I get to one you like...

LOL!!! You guys are funny!

William, wait'll I get my Military!

Danelle and my other friends,

You really have to want to see it.

I use William, which is my first name, for all transactions and because the military has trained(brainwashed) me into doing it.
It sort of just became normal after 13+ years of it.
No, wait, I will use the twinkie defense. Or for you Southpark fans, I will use the infamous Chewbaca defense. Yeah that's the ticket.
Shane, is my middle name and the one I have gone by all my life.
Sorry to brag Danelle, but I am Irish/Norwegian by birth, yet strangely enough still no luck. I lost out on that tanto Frogman was giving away. Oh Well!!!
Lucky in love unlucky in life(horsepucky)

Once you get that Military you are gonna fall in love. Once you do get it, give Danelle a call at least 15 times a day to click click clickety click away. I know she won't mind no wait better make that 20 times a day let her know you care.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!
You guys think I'm kidding..wish you could hear the calls. I actually laugh out loud, listening to them...boys and their toys...

Ok, Shane it is then..from now on.
Now I just need to go post that "out for the day" message on my phone....

The best noise in the World? The $5,000,000 slot machine I am playing going ballistic and spilling money out.

Bob Taylor