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Tell me about the Wedge

Jun 29, 1999
I've been reading the ads for the Wedge/Wedge II by Outdoor Edge. These look like very practical utility pieces. If any of you own one or both could you fill me in. They look like a great deal for the money.

Thanks for the feedback.
They are a great deal for the money. Excellent edge geometry. I gave a friend a WedgeII to be his diving knife and he keeps it in his desk and uses it everyday (this is the same friend that stole my utilikey).

The downside it that the steel won't hold an edge very long. It is very stain-resistan though.

Clay Fleischer

In the "Knife Review" forum for March 25th, there is a review of The Wedge.
You might find it helpful.
I like mine but I've found out that I'm not really a neck-knife person.
Thanks Doc:

There was some great feedback on the Wedge in the March post. I just placed my order with AG Russel for a Wedge and a Wedge II.

Have a Great Weekend,