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Aug 21, 1999
Enough hypothetical maiming of the wildlife! I would be interested to hear what knives (in steel or other suitable metal only please), would you build if you had all the skills and all the opportunity. I am thinking that perhaps for three categories of tool: a) Fixed blade KNIFE of any size under 18 inches blade length NO SWORDS PLEASE, b) folder under 4 or 5 inch blade, c) multitool, what materials and design features would you use without regard to patent or copyright? Ask yourself what is most important: the potential uses of the knife? the steel or other material? tempering? blade shape? length? what kind of grind? Full guards? Type of handle? What type of lock? Would it be an automatic? What tools would you most want on a multitool were you limited to ten or twelve? BE REALISTIC if you can find it within yourself. It might be useful to assume that you only had the budget to make yourself one of each type of knife so there could be no backtracking and it had better be versatile if you are or narrow if you only want it to by the Ninja Rambomonger. What would your knives wind up being? Or has everything already been invented or discovered for this age old class of tools? Hopefully we'll draw some interesting responses that don't involve any of the Earth's lifeforms other than a bunch of wannabe bladesmiths. Who knows? Someone who could make your knife might read a good set of design features and give you credit for putting the ideas together. Think of the Spyderco Mariner which I heard was the first production knife with a hole in the folding serrated blade with a pocket clip all in the same package.
Well, I’ll just paste this from an email I just sent

I just wanted to touch base with you in regards to the Warnecliffe blade folder that I would like to have Joe Pardue make. In regards to the blade, I would prefer a ¾ flat grind, to keep the spine strong, and a hand rubbed finish. I was going with ATS-34 as the steel because I like to go with someone's strengths and I know he has used this type of steel. I would be interested in BG-42 or even CPM420V if Mr. Pardue works with these materials as well. Please let me know, but I am somewhat flexible as I know that some makers prefer one materiel over another, and feel they can get the most out of certain choices for certain applications. As before, the length should be in the 3.5" range, with filework along the spine.

I believe that I mentioned that I would like a titanium frame and linerlock, as well as the bolsters, all anodized purple-ish. I am happy to leave the filework and coloring to the artist. I flirted with the idea of a rag micarta for the handle, but I think that ivory will be best. Perhaps see what Joe thinks in this regard, if he has a certain material he would recommend. Please pass along my regards as well.

if i had to have one knife it would be a clip point bowie with lots of curve in the tip...ground super thin at the edge (flat ground) out of something undestructible. edge holding is not as important to me as durablity in a knife like that.....big bowie, 12 inch blade min.....3/8 inch thick. real tool for the outdoors....


I was doing my thinking on my Leatherman WAVE. It would be even cooler than it already is were it made out of ATS-55 or VG-10, had a larger lanyard hole, a corkscrew, some measurement markings in English and metric, and a better tip on the clip point blade. Perhaps they could call it the RIPCURL or something.