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Terzuola Century Starfighter vs. ATCF

Big Dave

Gold Member
Dec 18, 1998

That "Back" button gets me every time.

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I'm really confused now. First a double post then my message original message is replaced with the above comment. I must be loosing it.

Anyway. I got Bob's catalog and I like his knives. The Starfighter is $425 and looks ergonomical. The ATCF is $375 for the GT or Titanium.

Bob says the "Century Starfighter embodies 21st century styling and design."

Seems like it's his update to the ATCF.

Mr. President, have you handled the Starfighter? How did it feel compared to the ATCF? You say that it's light. The GT is still tought right?


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Well, they are two very different knives. I can't recall the specs on either, but the Star fighter (my next knife) is extremely lightweight compared to the ATCF Ti or bolstered models. Terzuola doesn't offer any options with the Star Fighter, so you can only get ATS-34 with G-10 handles and liner lock.

When I purchased my ATCF, I was deciding between the Star fighter and the ATCF. I wanted both of course, but at the time, I needed a stouter folder so I opted for the ATCF. However, the Starfighter has such sleek lines...irresistable.
Hi Big Dave, I handled both knives at a show two years ago - long enough to make a decision. The Starfighter is tough, but it had one Ti liner and G-10 scales as opposed to my ATCF which has two Ti liners and Two Ti bolsters - the ATCF is a very stout, but classy knife (burgundy micarta scales).

As I stated previously, at the time I was in need of a heavy duty folder. Although the Starfighter is strong it is not heavy duty. You can compare the feel of it to a Spyderco Military, but it is a bit lighter. PLease no one misunderstand! I am not saying these two knives are alike, they just share similar construction elements such as single Ti liner, G-10 Scales and approx. size range.

Big Dave, what kind of knife are you looking for? If you are actually big, you might like the ATCF with bolsters and double liners. It has a solid feel in the hand and I feel it is appropriately weighted for stronger people.

If modern styling is a concern, the ATCF is considered by many to be the father of tactical folder design. It may look fairly traditional compared to newer designs, but upon close inspection, high -tech engineering is prevelant everywhere.

If you have the opportunity, try to check the knives out before you buy them or, many purveyors have a trial program where you can check a knife out for a few days and return it if you don't like it. AZCK and Robertson Custom Cutlery both subscribe to this service.

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Mr. President:

I like the look of Bob's knives. The fact that he is an innovator in the tactical area is also appealing.

What I'm looking for is a knife to bring to work. My small sebanza is great but I'm longing for a larger knife for my dress slacks. Being the the Starfighter is light- it seems like a good choice.

People called me many things in high school such as Big Dave, Crazy Dave and others that I should not mention. I want a big knife not because I'm big or crazy. I just want one. It's evolution.

Thanks again,

Big Dave, well if you want a bigger knife to bring to work, I would reccomend the ATCF with bolsters and whatever handle scales you want - micarta (black or burgundy), G-10, ebony, etc. The burgundy is especially indiscreet because the color offsets its tactical purpose. Also, Terzuola's clips are elegant and inconspicuous in the pocket.

The Star fighter is lightweight, but it is large and when open, there really is no questionning its purpose. That is, self defense. I'm not sure if you want to bring this to the office! I really wish you could check out these knives in person before you make any decisions. Because, in the end, my word means nothing compared to your individual preferences.

My only suggestion would be to order the ATCF and the Starfighter from Robertson Custom Cutlery, choose, then send back the unwanted knife. Les Roberton is an honest business man who truly enjoys providing people with fine cutlery. You can reach him at www.robertson customcutlery.com

Mr. President:

I had the opportunity to handle one today. You are right. That sucker is too big to bring to the office. It even had a black blade.

Very smooth. After getting a small sebanza the other day, the lock on Bob's seemed small in comparison.

Otherwise, it was very impressive.

Ever see the smaller version?


I have handled the smaller version, but it was quite a while ago and I can't really recall my reactions to the knife. However, I can remember that I thought its minitiaure size was useless to me.

AZCK actually has the smaller version of the bolstered ATCF in stock the TTF-3a. And I think they are on sale. They are very nice and just a bit smaller than the ATCF. The bolstered handles with micarta or G-10 scales provides a more refined appearance for office carry. However, the ATCF is carryable in the office...