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Terzuola Knives

Jul 26, 1999
Looking for a review of Robert Terzuola's TTF-3 ATCF folder. Interested in the Titanium bolster/G10. Anyone have one?
Hi Scotsman - I've got an ATCF but in a full G-10 handle. Overall great design. The incorporation of the integral guard, in conjunction with the blade's thumb rest, keeps your hand in place. Liner locks are a touchy issue these days but with Terzuola, there's nothing to worry about. The liner on mine engages at about the halfway point, and hasn't moved from use. Terzuola certainly knows how to build an effective liner lock. The blade shape and length enable the knife to tackle a wide variety of tasks, and doesn't raise eyebrows from non-knife people
In short, you won't be disappointed with the ATCF. It's a hard working folder.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator
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I've owned 5 Terzuola folders (3 TTF-1s, 1 TTF-3 50th anniversery version, and a Cen. Starfighter). All but two of them had a nasty habit of inadvertantly unlocking. One of the TTF-1s locked well and stayed locked as well as the TTF-3. If your gonna get one it might be helpful to get it from a dealer who has an inspection/good return policy. Other than that though the designs are attractive; and theres no denying that B. Terzuola is the grandfather, so-to-speak, of the "tactical" folder genre.