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Test a Talonite® knife

Jun 29, 1999
Test a Talonite® knife

I claim that Talonite® is an excellent knife material. My company developed it, we believe this and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We have a Talonite® Cuda from Camillus we are sending out on loan.

Two requirements: 1. This is a loan for two weeks. 2. Use this knife as you will but leave it in good shape for the next guy. Same way you do with a campsite.

Post whatever reviews you like.

Again, I also claim that this is an excellent knife. It is a real bargain at the price. I do not claim it is the world's best knife or material for every use. Talonite® is also not Stellite® for legal, chemical, production and performance reasons. Borrow a Stellite® knife and test it yourself. Decide for yourself if it is magnetic. You can chop with it. (If you needed to cut poles for shelter you could do it but it wouldn't be your first choice.) Do whatever else you wish. We trust that you know how to use a knife and the difference between use and abuse.

Rob, Will Fennell, Jim Furgal and I all agreed that we wanted to build a truly excellent knife at a good price. I think we did that. I will loan you my knife to prove it. I bought this knife retail. If you want to test a knife to destruction then buy your own.

Yes, this is 'hype'; Webster defines hype as 'sensational promotion'. If you try a Talonite® knife the odds are about 99 to 1 that you will like it and buy one. That has been the way it has been working. There is a huge and growing number of smart, sophisticated knife users who love it. You can't really appreciate it until you use it. You can buy the Talonite® Cuda from Camillus, Tom mayo is making some from Eric Wong's excellent and contest winning design or Rob Simonich can give you a list of custom makers. We will be happy to work with any custom maker who wishes.

Tom Walz
Northwest Research Institute, Inc.
Carbide Processors, Inc.
Great program! I'm sure this will benefit all of the makers that work with Talonite. My experience with customers and Talonite is that they usually own more than one knife made of it. They also tell me that they've subjected their first Talonite knives to some hard use. The purchase of a second or third Talonite knife tells me that they are VERY happy with its performance.
I have several orders for Talonite kinves now. It's popularity seems to be on the increase. The loaner program should help even more.

Talonite, new pics, knives in stock!


OK, I'll bite. How can I get a hold of the knife for 2 weeks? I have been questioning it's abilities on the forums lately and would like to see for myself. I would prefer a larger camp type knife, but I'm sure I can find many ways to test it out.

Nice to see a manufacturer backing up his product

Send me an E-mail and I'll give you my address if needed.

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "
why would you want to test a large camp knife
made of Talonite?

From my and many others experiences, reported here, Talonite is at its BEST in a small utility fixed blade or folder.

As a matter of fact, in my opinion Talonite makes steel obsolete for a "game-skinning" blade. It cuts flesh like a ceramic blade, sharp or dull and has plenty of strenght in a TALON sized knife to disjoint animals without fracture or edge chipping(done it)

A guy I know who skins a pile of game every year concurs. He stopped counting head of deer he personally killed at 500. He has field dressed far many more than that. Lord knows how many hundreds of wild hogs he has skinned. When he talks about skinning game, I listen.

So, a large camp knife? Only if you want is a "stain-not" blade costing several times that of a steel one.

Otherwise 5160, INFI, 0170-6, A-2 etc. etc. is much better suited for a big whacker.

Test Talonite in the context where it belongs, and it will excell. Try and make somthing out of it ain't, and you will be dissapointed.

(However, I know more than a few people who have used Simonich camp knives out of Talonite and have been real pleased....ymmv..)

"The most effective armor is to keep out of range"-Italian proverb

This is all in relation to the thread about Talonite-Good,bad,ugly?

If you read that thread (I know it is pretty long), you will see what I am talking about.

The main point was, if you only had 1 knife on your trip, and it was made from Talonite, would it hold up to light chopping and camping duties?

The common concensus at this stage is that it is suited for light duty and skinning use only.

I'm not knocking the material, only questioning the limits of it's capabilities.

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "