Texas Passes AKTI Bill 6/18

Mar 7, 2008
Texas Governor Perry signs AKTI Bill H 4456 on June 18

AKTI thanks Texas Governor Perry and our sponsors Senator Robert Deuell and Representative Joe Driver for their support of H 4456. AKTI’s bill clarified the state’s switchblade knife statute so that it does not include assisted-openers and one-hand openers. Governor Perry signed it into law on June 18 and the bill goes into effect September 1, 2009.

This was huge victory and the timing was critical, as it turns out. Texas put the exclamation point on the issue we raise about the current U.S. Customs proposal to ban the import of assisted-openers. Customs would declare assisted-openers to be switchblades. And their proposed new language defining switchblades is so broad, AKTI fears, that it would make all one-hand-openers illegal.

Once Customs declared a new class of knives to be switchblades, they would be regulated/ outlawed domestically by interstate commerce restrictions. More than 35 million owners of folding knives could be declared criminals. There is no state in the union that prohibits assisted-openers or considers them switchblades.

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David D. Kowalski
AKTI Communications Coordinator
715-209-7389 (cell)