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TGLB is SOLD, NMSFNO Price drop to $500

Bottom Line

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Oct 24, 2017
Please read before posting.

PM me if you have any questions concerning the knife or if you want to see any other pictures, before posting "I'll take it". This knife is listed "As Is" with full disclosure and will be sold as such with no refunds or returns unless grossly misrepresented. I reserve the right to sell to whomever I choose.

Price includes USPS Priority shipping with signature confirmation and Paypal G&S fees. CONUS only.

TGLB Original run with the nicest looking tan canvas micarta I recall seeing and sage finish. This knife was sold to me as unused and appears as such. Has not been used in my possession. Come with cardboard tactical sheath. $650 SPF

NMSFNO I took this in on trade but have decided to go a different direction. Dark reddish looking tan canvas micarta with sage coating. This one, I believe, was lightly used. It appears to have been sharpened. It does have slight smoothing of the finish on the non show side from the back side of the snap on the sheath. Includes Savage Leather sheath. $550> $525> $500







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