That ALMOST perfect production knife...make it perfect!!

May 11, 2002
I have been scrutinizing my favorite knives and thinking of what things could have been done to make them perfect(within reason)

A BM94x with vg-10 and g10 would be just perfect...oh, and a bladestop pin that went all the way through the handle with a screw on the other side, like on the pivot pin.

I wish my Spydie Navigator used a screw instead of a rivot in the pivot(that rhymed). Other than that, it's perfect.

My Mouse, hmmm, To me, it just may be the most perfect little prod knife made. Maybe a Mouse with an Axis lock? wahoo!..ok that was a bit unreasonable;)

SOG Sculptura, it would be nice to have thumbstuds, and again, ditch the rivots in favor of screws.

SAK, if mine had a nice wide clip(like a BM), and a one hand opening main blade, it would be perfect.

and my fav EDC knife, my BM556, I'd like just about another 1/8" or maybe 1/4" on the handle, or maybe have the finger cutout(choil?) moved up a bit towards the front somehow to let my pinky have a bit more real estate. VG-10 and G10 would be nice too!

lets hear ideas for improvements on those near-perfect prod knives!.
There is no such thing--That's why there are sooooo many knives out there (with many more on the way:rolleyes: )

I know this is of absolutely no help, but it had to be said.:D
Emerson Commander, full flat grind like on a Microtech Amphibian, DLC as opposed to Black T, .15 in thick S30 blade, Torx construction, Aluminum back spacer, Phosphorus Bronz Bushings, and the big one Thick Linners like .1 in thick (actually it would be super if it just had the better linners)!

Spyderco Lil'temperance, make it out of FNR so it only costs 50 bucks.

Everyone making nice Fixed Blade knives from Cheaper stainless steels did a run in 52100B.

Bring the fit and finish up to custom level.

Make the spacer out of Ti and put a fine checkered pattern on it.

Micarta instead of G-10 and give it a slightly rounded profile.

Loose the Bali-Song disks in the handle.

Use the black finish that Microtech uses on the blade.

Use all Ti hardware and annodize all Ti(liners, spacer, hardware),I don't really care which color.:)
How about a Cold Steel Vaquero Grande with VG-10 steel for the blade, and replace the Cold Steel serrations with Spyderco serrations. Along with that, how about dual stainless liners, and black G-10 for the scales. To top it off, the pocket-clip will be ambidextrious.:).
BM 710 with slightly thicker and wider blade or an MT Amphibian with G-10 scales instead of aluminum.
My perfect knives would have to be a....

Benchmade mini-AFCK with an axis lock and satin-finished D2/S30V.


Sebenzas that didn't cost as much (but were still executed as flawlessly!) :)

What Glockman99 said about the Vaquero Grande except with M2 steel.


A 921 just the way it is. ;)


Benchmade Pinnacle with choice of blade steels (154CM, D2, S30V) and choice of right or left-handed model.
Microtech LCC with the clip on the CORRECT end.

MOD CQD Mk.I without the secondary cutting blade.

Spyderco Civvie in G10, built-up with a linerlock, larger, adjustable pivot pin, etc.

I'm sure there's more, give me a minute...

(BTW, even though I bitch about them, I rotate through the knives listed as my EDC; just have to keep buying until I find "the one")
I think the perfect production knife would cost $5.00,:D :D customs would run $10 :D :D :D both would be made to your specifications. The ups truck would have ruts in my street and I'm sure the mailman would be such a good friend we would do dinner regularly. dtsoll:)
One factory knife that has always stood out as the "perfect" knife was the Spyderco Wegner C48. Time after time I thought the only thing it needed to be a perfect knife was the addition of a second full steel liner. If it had that 2nd liner it would be PERFECT!!:D
The Sebenza is perfect for me, except that I'd like a Dozier D2 blade for it. The Reeve BG-42 and S30V are just a little soft for my tastes.
I'd have to ask for a Double action Sebenza. I'm not sure how they could do it, but Darrell Ralph's Illusion release might work just fine... I wonder if I could get them to do a collaboration. I can dream, can't I??? I guess this would make it no longer a production knife, but I'm sure there'd be a market to produce them, ala the original Sebenza.

Well...working in Boston has me taking a serious look at smaller blades as of late. Spyderco Navigator and Ti-Salsa being my latest purchases for legal carry within the city. Living outside the city limits lets me carry a longer blade and lately that has been either my Spydie G10 Police or Military. Thus these are my influences right now. My perfect knife would be a mix of these two genres.

I would like to see a bigger Ti-Salsa, 3-3.5 inch S30V or D2 blade, same flat grind and relatively same blade profile (stronger tip than Military or Police). Keep the larger Spydie hole and Cobra hood. Love the lock from the Ti-Salsa...and the handle shape, both stay. Obviously the handle has to be proportionately larger but I would like to see a closer blade/handle ratio like the Benchmade 710 or Spydie Rookie. Assemble the knife with hex screws as in the Ti-Salsa. Keep the titanium handle BUT make available different colored and or thickness G10 or Micarta handle scales that the owner can change themselves. Sand one day, black the next, etc. You could use the knife with just the titanium handle (slim, pocket carry) or add the scales to bulk up the knife (heavy duty cutting tasks, personal preference, etc.).