The BEST Knife Names

Genghis Kahn … one of history's most feared conquers. Genghis Kahn however, was not his name but rather his "Title". (you know like "Mr. President") Translated "Genghis" means great, great one or greatest. "Kahn" means Ruler or leader. So when I set out to make the perfect defensive knife (for me that is… an 8 year project by the way) I chose the name "GENGHIS"when I had what I wanted .

A great name for a great knife.

5. Calypso (Spyderco)
4. Dragonfly (Spyderco)
3. Pioneer (REKAT)
2. Nimravus (BM)
1. Sebenza (CRK)


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I liked the names of REKAT's Hobbit-series even before I saw the knives...Hobbit Warrior, Hobbit Fang, Pocket Hobbit...Just great!

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Hmmm . . . That was my nomination for "worst name." I guess that's what makes different market segments.


Here are my top 5:

5. Spyderco Dragonfly
4. MicroTech HALO
3. Mad Dog Shrike
2. REKAT Pocket Hobbit

And the coolest name? The Krait, by Darrel Ralph. I don't even know what a "Krait" is, but that name is wild!


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I may be a little sick but I really like the name Warthog

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I almost posted "Gutdumpinhackenupper" as my favorite name for a knife, but it seemed a bit too much.

Instead, I nominate "#2".
Really, Shrike.

krait \"krit\ noun [Hindi karait] (1874)
: any of a genus (Bungarus) of brightly banded extremely venomous nocturnal elapid snakes of Pakistan, India, southeastern Asia, and adjacent islands

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that ninjadeathmongerthingamabobber that was floating around in past months.

anyone remember the actual name?


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Actually Scott, Ghenghis Kahn was one of the famous Kahns of Brooklyn NY.
Genghis Khan was the great ruler of the Mongol horde

My Votes for best names:

1)Genesis (EDI) A good name for a knife thats a synthesis of the best technology out there.

2)Endura/Delica-brand image doesnt get any stronger than this.

3)Pinnacle-new BM sebenza wannabe. Great Great Name.


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