The Boker Orion: Any Input?

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999
I would like to hear from anyone who has handled/used one of these knives. I like the idea of a titanium bladed knife, especially the "non-magnetic" properties of such. I would like to have one, if it is actually functional and sharp. I wouldn't use it as an everyday work knife, but the times that I do carry it I would like to know it will function well as a serviceable cutting implement. I already know about the discontinued BM Emerson titanium models. Thanks for any help or input.


There's more than one way to skin a cat!
Hi JK!

I bought one (got it for christmas) and I like it. I didn't cut with it, but I think it is capable of doing so. The finish of the knife is superb. As for the non-magnetic properties I think that the screws that hold together teh knife are made of steel. The clip feels like a part of the handle and it's position makes the knife ride high. The knife easily slips in a packet and you hardly recognize it as it is so light.
The reason I made a wish for it is the cool blue titanium blade and the carbon fiber handle and of course the M.Walker design.
Hope this helps.

It does help, and thanks! Is the blade sharp, like a steel one? Most importantly, what price range am I wading into here? Thanks again.


There's more than one way to skin a cat!
Got mine about a week ago, and I'm carrying it right now. The blade is shaving sharp, but I'll have to see how long it holds - it doesn't have the "feel" of an edge holder. The price is MSRP $300 with a street price around $185.

FWIW, there's no ball detent on the liner lock (spec per Boker).

Everything else that Red said is true, especially about how light it is. The picture doesn't do the crystalline Ti justice. There's a sparkle effect off of the crystals that you've pretty much got to see in person.

It does ride high in the pocket, but I think that this knife's best feature is that it can be seen and opened without "scaring the straights" too badly.