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The British Gollock

Mar 6, 1999
I noticed that there has been a lot of discussion lately concerning matchete type, brush whackers. Has anybody tried a "Gollock". Apparently they were/are British Army issue (also known as "tree beaters" according to an article in TK). I had an issue Brittish model and today I picked up a brand new one that was apparently made in New Zealand. Any thoughts or actual experience with them?

I have not used one personally but from the reports of people in the military I have read they are not much use. The problem seems to be that the metal is too soft and does not take or hold a decent edge.
Basically "Gollocks are bollocks!". Most of "the lads" prefer an indigenous Parang, or, a Kukri.
Lofty Wiseman designed his own version, based on the Parang, who is now available, and popular in Brit military circles.

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