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Mar 23, 2016
Now on the hunt for an ogfk. Prefereably OD green or black scales, others certainly considered.
Still on the hunt for UF scales (black [grey] terotuf, double black micarta, ebonite)

Further reinforcing my choice of company here… thank you to everyone that looked out for me here and got me connected with some great options. My 6.0 Diesel decided to curve ball me with a starter problem, so… dreams temporarily suspended.

Thanks CPK fam!
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Aug 23, 2017
Derrel, I'll take them if they'll fit EDC1, I presume? Thanks

Phil did a great write up on the scales compatibility and fit on EDC1 vs EDC2/EDC3. I believe the EDC3 has the same dimensions as the EDC2 plus the swedge. The scales are compatible but as Burton Knut said, the feel will be different.

I think it is fair to say that I am a big fan of this model given the fact that I have two EDC’s, four EDC 2’s, and extra handle sets for each.

This gives me a good cross-section to gather some objective data from. I’ll share that here as well as some observations and opinions that may help you determine if one version is preferable to the other for you.

Extra handle sets makes measuring thickness at the widest point of the palm swell very easy.

The EDC handle scales measure .365” at the widest point of the palm swell.

The EDC 2 handle scales measure .335” at the widest point of the palm swell. the difference is .030” per handle scale between the two versions.

The difference in steel thickness measured at the spine right in front of the handle is .010” (i.e. .136” for the EDC vs. .146” for the EDC 2.)

Doing the math to determine maximum width for each version yields the following:

EDC .136” + .365” + .365” = .866” maximum handle width

EDC 2 .146” + .335” + .335” = .816” maximum handle width

Thus the nominal difference is .050”. Whether that is enough to make a significant difference in your decision one way or another is up to you.

For those of you OCD folks willing to play mix and match with handle sets to achieve minimum or maximum total thickness (as some folks have mentioned in posts above), your options are:

Thinnest overall would be the .136” EDC blade with EDC 2 scales (2X .335”) for a total width of .806”.

Thickest overall would be the .146” EDC 2 blade with EDC scales (2X .365”) for a total width of .876”.

Moving on to some blade measurements and observations, the higher tip on the EDC 2 yields a little more blade and cutting edge length. Measuring blade length from the top of the handle to the tip, the EDC 2 is 3.260” vs. 3.170” for the EDC. Cutting edge length measured with a string along the edge from the front of the sharpening choil to the tip shows similar advantage to the EDC 2 at 3.350” vs 3.170” for the EDC.

Another area of difference is the thickness behind the edge. This is difficult to measure and photograph with only two hands. Based on my samples, the EDC measures .020” vs. .025” on the EDC 2. The EDC 2 runs a little thicker than that behind the tip, which gives it a more reinforced feel.


EDC 2:

Given the fact that each knife is hand sharpened, I would expect some +/- variation in the thickness behind the edge. Even so, I believe the EDC 2 will run a little thicker (.005”) on average than the EDC. Anecdotal evidence that seems to support this can be seen in the taller secondary edge grind you see on the EDC 2 compared to the EDC when shown together.

EDC over EDC2:

In the end, it comes down to personal preference to determine if any of these dimensional differences mean anything significant to you. Both versions will serve you well if the basic handle profile fits your hand (I will post more on this topic soon.)

I hate to end comparison threads without offering an opinion. For me personally, I prefer the EDC for its .010” thinner blade steel, .005” thinner behind the edge measurement, and .050” thicker handle width that feels better in the pocket of my palm. I also like the lower tip position for drilling and just poking things. Those small variations make the EDC feel and perform better to me for the way I use the knife.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you find some of the information useful in understanding why you like one version over the other.



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Jun 10, 2014
For Sale:

Up for grabs is one BIGDORK scored for me in a recent Friday sale...

she's a sleek thoroughbred, but this philly's just not a horse for my course:

DEK1 in AEB-L with unbuffed Tri-Color Rag Micarta handles, Titanium Fasteners, and Mashed Cat Kydex pancake, unused....SOLD $335 <all in, Priority TYD>.
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