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Nov 1, 2018
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Good morning everyone.
This sale includes
1. EDC2 with custom koa scales, and mirror edge. Used sparingly.

2. pre order DEK1 with penetrator tip as well as custom chittum burl scales. The taco sheath rubbed a little on the fore end of the scale. Not easily noticeable but present and Seen in the imgur picture.

I also have a pancake sheath for the DEK1, and leather sheath made by Bill.

EDC2 $385 SOLD
DEK1 $450 comes with taco sheath and ulti clip
Sheath: pancake no tek lok $40
Leather sheath, no carry option present: $SOLD

DEK1 withdrawn
Pancake DEK1 sheath withdrawn
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Dec 8, 2011

As beautiful as this is, it's not gonna work for me. A little wider in the hips than realized. Great in hand, slightly more over all width than want.

Thought about changing the scales to the slimmer EDC2 scales (I'm assuming these custom scales are spec'ed to the EDC1 scale dimensions, or closer to it?) however, on further research...I think what I'm looking for is and EDC1 w/ EDC2 scales, If I've read and understood the data correctly. I'd prefer the lower tip as well as the thinner blade stock on this one. Is there an EDC3? Would consider that as well.

So, down the road this goes. I'd prefer trade, CPK's only at the moment. An EDC1 w/ EDC2 scales would my choice. Would consider DEK1 in AEB-L or FK2..or? to all other CPK offers save another EDC2.

Also looking for FK1/OGFK scales. Micarta, AECM's, Tri Rag or? Not looking for Natural or Blk micarta or Blk G10. I have a new set of TT in OD and a set of AECM's (installed at present) both for the DEK1 I would consider trade the right pair,

Leather DEK1 sheath. No attachment. (Not working for me, too bulky, prefer the kydex on this one) Sold

EDC1 w/ Kydex sheath. Custom Koa wood scales on blk liners, as I understand it, are absolutely stellar
Excellent re-sharpen, great mirror edge: Traded

Leather sheath in pic is for the DEK1.

More pics later. Spine shot of the EDC2 and kydex, more of the leather.

USPS Priority ship/insurance included.

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Dec 1, 2016
(WTB) (Deal Pending) Deal is done! Thanks, Renato! @untytled : EDC (1, 2, 3?)

I am in the market for a CPK EDC. I am still educating myself on the differences between the three iterations but I think I am open to considering any of them unless someone steers me otherwise. I am not hugely picky on the scale material but my modest CPK collection is all clad in black currently.
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