The "cutting ability" of Spyderco's Delica '98

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May 6, 1999
Although I have many more expensive knives, I am VERY impressed with this knife. This baby cuts! It holds a razor edge (plain edge), and it is easy to resharpen. Although I haven't done any side-by-side comparison testing, just in casual everyday work usage I think it outperforms my BM812.
Is anyone else impressed with the Delica '98?


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Danelle No Fair! I like the 98 series, the ATS-55 seems to be a better edge-holder than the older steel used in the Endura/Delica line. Like I heard several guys on the forum state, best bang for the buck. Besides, if you lose things like I do (old age) you buy good but inexpensive stuff... or have lanyards strewn across your body... glasses, keys, knives...

Another victim learns of the Delica's wonderous ability.....I just love when that happens.
It's an awesome knife. Very underrated and actually very strong. Yes, it (I should say "they" b/c I own a few) generally "outperforms" my BM 812.

I LOVE my '98 Delica. In fact it's the only knife i own!! That is until my small sebenza arrives...can't wait, it's coming tomorrow.

I used an Endura to cut carpet a few years back. Worked great!

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I picked up a plain-edge Delica 98 last week. I'm extremely impressed with the cuting ability of it. Very thin behind the edge. Nicely done.


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The Delica and Endura and their cousins in the Spyderco Lightweight line are near the top of any list of "can't go wrong by carrying one" knives. Excellent price-performance ratio!

Danelle, isn't your opinion somewhat biased here?

I have to agree. I only have the Endura of the two, but for the cost, it's a great knife. Definitely something you can't go wrong with. This is why I am probably going to get the Delica somewhere down the line.

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Definitely impressed w/ the Delica 98, especially for the price I paid for it. Thinking of replacing my daily carry knife with it.
The Delica is truely a great knife. I have owned one for only about 3 months and it already pushed out my BM910 for daily carry. I kept the clip attached (for lefty), but often just slip it down into my pocket.

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I love my orginal Delica and Endura.

How much better is the ATS-55 than the AUS-8?

If it is a lot better, I may have to purchase '98 versions as well. My God, if I put any more knives on my 'to be purchased' list I'm going to have to cross-reference it

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Phone_Archer, yes, they are that much better! I have had my Delica98 and Endura98 since January. I carry the Delica98 every day to the office and use it many times a day. It doesn't scare people and it cuts, cuts, cuts, and cuts some more. Dollar for dollar, the new Delica simply cannot be beat and it is equalled only by its big brother, the new Endura.

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The Delica '98 is my favorite knife, so much so that I got a fully-serrated version to go with my plain edge version. Besides seeming to have a slightly thinner edge than the older Delicas, the blades are also a bit longer too.
I am especially interesting seeing some others here comparing its performance to other, higher-priced knives.
Jim -- That just seems to be the problem; no (real) contest when it comes to price/performance.

"Cutting ability" at the topic of this thread should perhaps be defined? Our everyday cutting tasks may vary a lot.

But the thing I would like to know is this: what are the *performance* differences between the '98 models and their ancestors? For me, it's mainly the reversable clip, but I'm all open for (specific) observations.

I like the Endura 98 but I don't like the blade on the Rescue 98, it would look good if it had the old blade from the rescue and the Rescue 98 handle