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The Dale Reif Tactical Set


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Oct 14, 1998
or the Dale Reif Sampler if you prefer.

First is the fixed blade, lets call it RFB.
At 9" OA, this knife sports a 4" spear point blade with an unsharpened 2" swedge and fileworked thumbramp.
At 1/8" thick, with a dull bead blasted finish and rounded triangular pommel, the handle bears green smooth G10 scales and two subtle finger grooves.

Next is the Reif folder, RTF
A smaller package, this 7 1/2" OA liner lock sports a 3 1/2" satin finish blade with r. hand only thumb stud and has the same green G10 scales as the RFB. Meant for tip down carry, the clip is mounted very high and is quite wide but is nearly the same length as the Spyderco Delica. The titanium liner meets the tang at nearly the edge, which I imagine will go towards the center with time.

The Kydex sheath is a right hand model though a mult. carry system is available and fits the RFB quite nicely. The set also comes with a soft pouch for the RTF.

My first experience with D2, cutting performance was a little rough and similar to the Spyderco Delica for both, the RFB being a bit smoother in the cut.

Positive pts
Make no mistake, this set excels in penetration. The RFB stabs easily in saber, hammer, or icepick edge forward grip.

The RTF is more of a poker though it has a robust grip for a folder yet doesn't take too much pocket space and is actually thicker in grip than the RFB. The pocket clip is nice, adding good grip and retention.
The kydex sheath is good, rather attractive simple black similar in appearance to Entrek knives and with a small kydex clip ala Busse.

I would smooth out the pommels for both models and make the RFB with either a thicker blade or thicker scales. The pointed pommels are not for icepick stylists and interfered a bit with grip changes. Also, since the RFB uses a high ride sheath, the pointed pommel can dig into the body or if openly carried into the arm. It also has the potential of snagging into the staps of a bag or long gun sling. I also think a drop point would be better for utilitarian purposes.

The RTF is not glove friendly, the thumbstud is a bit easy to miss especially for someone with big hands. Closing the folder is mostly done with the edges of the fingers.

This set is for fans of the BM Spike and Nimravus and JSP Doshido as well as practitioners of James Keating's Drawpoint method. Hammerheadknives.com carries the Tac Set and the attractive Neck knife line.
Top of Texas Knives and Knife Art carry his folders. Mr. Reif's work can be seen at http://www.angelfire.com/ks/reif

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I got the oppurtunity to meet Dale Reif at the recent Arkansas Knifemakers Association show. Was very impressed with his knives. I was even more impressed with him. He is a very nice guy, who loves to talk about knives.

Dale also makes high art autos. They are incredible. The way he can put function and beauty together in a folder is amazing to me.

In short, Dale is a great guy, and a great knifemaker. Smoke was right, you owe it to your self to check out Dale's work.

Lynn Griffith-Knifemaker

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I want to say thanks for the review. The fix blade was developed by local law enforcement. The pommel of the knife has its job if you what I mean. They did not want the knife any thicker because most of them wore the blade in there boots or on the vest and did'nt want the extra thickness. The blade can be made any thickness you choose though, nothing is set in stone, that's whats nice about custom knives. I do offer a multi carry for that knife as to any of the fix blades I offer.

Hope you enjoy the knives,

Dale, you confirmed my suspicions about the RFB. I knew it had boot knife potential.

The pommel does have it's place and I admit the RFB is one of the fastest knives I've wielded and has great potential. Have you ever considered making full size daggers?