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The end of an era, my first new car.

Feb 3, 2001
Over 250,000 miles I put on it and all for $7000 in 1986, it carried my daughter home from the hospital when she was born in 1991.

Now filled with an additional 1,000 pounds of scrap I got $119 at the salvage yard and a lot of memories.:D

See ya pal.

A fitting end wouldn't ya say?


Your sure got your money's worth!

My '86 Cougar (another Ford product) ran like brand new at 150,000 miles, until I rolled her into a ditch one night.

Must've been a good year for Fords...

That Escort reminds me of a car my Dad bought one time, a mid-70s Pinto that was really just a crate of parts. Dad paid $150, re-assembled the car, drove it for three years, then sold it for $300. :D

Had an 86 V8 T-Bird that was one of the most trouble free cars I've owned. 86 was right in the middle of Ford's "Quality is Job 1" effort and it was reflected in their products.

Salute to your Escort..
I had an '84 Dodge Diplomat for years. If you've seen the Andy Griffith show, think a Mayberry police car, in gold.

I loved that car, it was a couch on wheels, ugly thing that it was. It ended up getting donated as a tax writeoff when it began having problems.

My dad's '00 Tundra has 150,000+ on it, and the only thing he's had to change, other than oil, have been the tail light bulbs--this year!
ive never owned a new car, my mustang how ever just passed the 170k mark so i scraped the old oem exhaust and put some flows under there and added 2 new 12 inch subs.



this cars got quite a history, it was a daily driver turned short track stock car, turned drag car, turned daily driver. check out the pinch welds where they used to jack the car up at pit stops.
Sounds like a great deal, $350/yr for 20 yrs use. I just sold a 18 month old Ford F350 Crew/Cab Dually 4x4 with only 3100 miles and lost $7,000 even.