The Griffith Patrolman, more in depth.


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Oct 3, 1998
I posted a quick review of my Patrolman soon after I got it. I had gotten to use it a little and get some first impressions. Over the past couple of weeks I have had a chance to use it, and use it hard. A few of the jobs were for work, some of the other stuff I did was done only as an excuse to push the knife. Penetration was tested directly against a Benchmade Nimravus. The two knives were both able to stab 1/2 inch into a phone book. The Patrolman actually beat out the Nimravus by 3 pages. The Patrolman is obviously to small to be any kind of a chopper, but in a pinch it does ok on small limbs by placing the edge in the limb and smacking the spine with another. The knife took several stabs into a 2x4, and pop and soup cans. I am a terrible knife thrower, but its fun anyway. Several times the knife hit sideways on the tree, I think I stuck it about 3 out of about 13 throws. I cut on an old piece of carpet, and some cardboard until I was sick of cutting. I have put small chips in knife edges from cutting boxes and hitting unseen staples. I did not have any of those staples, but I did put the knife on a few paper clips and smack the back. Dulled it a lillte, but no chipping. As far as toting it around, very comfortable. For a knife that is just a hair over 7 1/4" overall with a 3 7/8" blade and just under 3/4" wide the tests above may seem kind of pointless. Sure was fun though. Besides, in a pinch, you use what you have. The knife may not have been designed to be thrown, chop by whacking the spine, or stabbed in to wood or metal, but its nice to know it can in a pinch. About a minute on the white spyderco sticks had it back shaving nicely, and a little metal polish cleans it up nice. Is the knife worth the money? Well, the knife is tough, comfortable to use, and looks good, so yes, its worth every penny. Now, if I only had a Sniper to go with it

Thank you for the additional review. Now please, do not throw the "Patrolman" at trees.


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