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The Moran Spyderco AKA mr Mo'

Oct 16, 1998
Hello there,

Tactical reviews are a serious thing.


Find our Moran SPyderco review !

With a lot of links to our Mr Mo's friend !
Check it out.

maybe it's me but that review appears to be white letters on white background. too hard for my eyes.i'll finnish my first cup of coffee and try again.

JW is right....you have light yellow lettering on a pale yellow background....the review can not be read

I noted that the photos include the pocket slip and military multicarry tactical sheaths I'd commissioned Edge-Works to make up for my son and I. Really wish I could read what Fred had to say as I'm a big believer in this little cutter (now have 5 of them: one each for my sons, one in the kitchen, one I carry and a spare

Let us know when you've adjusted the color scheme.


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

The background is a dark picture... and you know what? I cannot reach geocities !!!

Aaaah it's fixed !! the background was not ... well loaded...

Thank you guy to let me know !



Yes, all is well! I must admit that you and Fred provide a different slant with your reviews. Never thought about the Moran as a thrower or using the stock leather sheath "inside" my belt on the right hip for an ice pick draw. As always, nteresting stuff guys


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

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Read the review. Love the sense of humor - new knifemaker indeed!

The folks at Spyderco deny that the Moran FB is discontinued. Anyway, I certainly hope not.


Nemo; with future posts, you are well advised to post only once, in the most appropriate forum. Posting the same post in the Blade Discussion Forum, the Review Forum, and the Spyderco forum is redundant.

Please do not take this as an admonishment, rather, gentle instruction. When I started out here not so long ago, I knew absolutely nothing, and made some errors of legendary proportions. Some of our rules are tacit and not immediately obvious.

Welcome to the forum; post often; we welcome newcomers. Walt Welch
Mea Culpa, but as I cannot pass really long time on the forum as many other European people (because local communication are expensive) I try to give a mximum chance for people to visit it...

But from now on should I try to do a general discussion post and ask Dexter Ewing by mail to check our new review ? Or the opposite ?
And people of SPyderco ?

I don't know... I will try to do my best anyway...


You could always post the review itself on the Knife Reviews forum, and make mention of it in the Spyderco forum. But hitting multiple forums just to direct the members to another site is, IMO, not the best in etiquette. Just my 2 cents.


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