The Nimravus is a Combat knife

Oct 16, 1998
The NimRavus in M2 HSS

The first impression of Fred Perrin.

Ok. First impression. It's not a truit and bird knife ! It's not really a utility knife… I think it's a not so easy to understand knife by many people who will mix utility and combat knives. A combat knives is not a pry bar, or a survival knife. When I see the Nimravus, I see a weapon much than a utility tool.
Of course there is no guard, because people think the guard is very important to block and parry. But there is no need because I don't see the Nimravus as a duelling knife. For the sparring people, to block and parry a blade is not so easy to perform.
Why it could be more a weapon than a tool ?
First the balde shape make it a greath thruster. The handle is good for hammer and Ice Pick.
The Handle has been studyed to do really hard slash, thanks to the busk.
The false gaurd and the finger groove at the back of the hump make it really great grip !
The talon is great because it's not made to harm the user but for pommel hit it's hard.

I like the thickness of the blade because it doesn't look like a tire iron. It's enough light to be carry everyday and not forget in the garrison.
The choise of the spear point blade is great because the tip is at the end of the thrusting axis.

Some could regret there is no sharp back edge, but IMHO, I see that knife as a reactive combat tool instead of duelling knife.

(The concept of Reactive Combat will be explain in the biggest review on Fred Site)

The Sheath: you can carry your knife inside or outside your pants. The clip is reversible. I would prefer it a little more tighter but it's easy to work on it. I will do it because I would like to carry it handle down. But it's so easy to modify with a thermic gun.

I see that Nimarvus as a Military Knife or a real Self Defense knife. It's IMHO opinion a weapon, a combat knife. It's not an entry tool but a weapon.
Also it can do an excellent hunter knife to skin, and a good utility knife also. But its first vocation, purpose in my IMHO it is a weapon.

The Cub is the civilian version IMHO. For infiltration military units it's also perfect. It makes an excellent boot knife. Also I remember to allways hide a knife behind my neck. Because when you are made prisonner you got your hands on your neck... The cub for self defense is an excellent choice.
the kydex sheath with cub culd be better with a clip like her big brother.
But the sheath offers alos to have it hidden in the pocket and attached to the belt.

It's my first impression, holding the knives right now.
Now we will test them in France and in Vietnam this next month.

Best regards,

Fred and Nemo

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Looking forward to the review, I have considered getting one and am leaning more and more in that direction.

"Worst of all my foes, I fear the enemy within"
*John Wesley*

Romans 10:9-10

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I'm glad you like the Nimravus. I like it too because it's very affordable for a well-made fixed blade.

But a combat knife? I mean, if you really want to get crazy, even a thumb/lapel knife of OSS days can be considered combat knives. The point is, any knife is a good knife if it gets the job done. And yes, as the cliche goes, the first rule to any knife fight is to have a knife. Come to think of it, I personally just love the Henckel 5" boner knife. I'll bet it'll work great in a fight too.

The Nimravus may be a good enough knife for combat. But by that standard, so are almost every other fixed blades out in the market.

All I am saying is, yes I am picky. But I think there are better examples out there that may qualify as combat knives. *IMHO*, I have the luxury to be picky enough to say that the Nimravus does not meet my personal standards for a combat knife. It's a good urban package though. But a combat knife? Sorry, I don't buy it.

You got the right not to buy it.

In fact this topic is also a little provocation. As I was the first not to buy it !

And I am still wonder if fred is right...

But I got that info for someone who actually used, uses and will use knives in real combat situation.
I cannot say his an expert because he can be wrong sometime (he first thought the handle of the nimarvus was not confortable because of the way the scale are smaller than the tang).
but I trust and respect his judgment because he has used knives in close combat for real (not in his dreams...)
Also he is a knifemaker and makes and designs a lot of knives for soldiers all around the world.
Knives to be used as utility or as weapons.

IMHO he got some rare experience to have a opinion about a knife.

But I am like you "SB", now I wonder if Fred is right or not.
unfortunatly he's often right...


Respectfully I have to disagree as well. Their should be a distinction drawn between a "fighting" or "defensive" knife and a "Combat knife". The fighting/defensive knife is designed primarily to fend off or immobilize and assailant were as a soldier will use his "Combat" Knife hundreds of times as a tool before he ever uses it as a weapon. The Nimravus fills the slot of an Urban carry blade well enough (their are alot of better examples IMHO)...but as a Combat knife it falls far short of the mark. As one who is going into the military I wouldn't want depend on the nimravus to do heavy field chores but I wouldn't feel ill equipped walking across an ill lit parking lot at night w/ one.
You are right.

But the Nimravus is also an excellent tool if you don't use it like a tank.
I think it's much more solid that we all think without to be thick like a sausage.
The M2 steel is really a tough steel.

I would not mind to have a Nimravus as utility tool as far as I am concern but Fred point of view is that the nimarvus is a first a weapon (not duelling) but for self defense or quick interdiction.

It's perharps strange for you. not for Fred.

Most people seem to see a combat knife as a large utility tool to make life easier in the field, ie a camp knife. But I am like Fred it is a combat knife when you use it for combat. I have not yet held one but based on my little knowledge he has many good points. In his scheme of things you want something hard to detect untill it is too late for mister bad guy and then it has to hit like Thors hammer. The cub may just fit that bill.
Thank you Coyote.

As far as I am concern the Cub is really an excellent tool.
but it's true that the Nimravus got something "wild" in his design which is not "innocent".