The Patriot tomahawk.


Feb 20, 2000
Hey Andy!

Hows it going dude. I know you've been doing the Rodger's Ranger series of hawk, but you have any plans for a "Patriot" tomahawk? Like the one Mel Gibson used in his movie. Take care and hope things are well.

I'm not fully sure ,but I believe the "Patriot" hawk was made by a custom maker. And that particular maker has rights on that model. Someone double check that for me?????

Personally, If you want a real cool hawk. Do you remember Quig-Quig's pipe-tomahawk in the film Moby Dick(the original classic starring Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab). THAT WOULD BE COOL!!!!!:D :D
RMJforge makes a really cool looking Patriot hawk.

I ordered one from Joe Szilaski a month or so ago (his version of the Patriot...with a few mods)-who knows when that will be ready.

Joe and Ryan are great makers.....I have Hawks in my personal collection that both have made for me.

As for the Patriot Hawk, the closest thing ATC will probably to is offer a Pipe Tomahawk along similar lines...

What our custom shop is preparing to offer however is scroll work on handles similar to what was seen on Benjamin Martin's Hawk in the movie, but you'll be able to get it on any ATC Hawk you wish...totally cool.