The Secrets of the Hawk....

Nov 2, 1999
As ATC is new, and clearly a Tomahawk specific company, of which there are and have been few to none, I find that even my thoughts on bladeware have been becoming more and more Hawk specific....I cannot think of cold, sharp steel without the warmth of the wood....a chopping stroke without the leverage of a long handle....energetic throws which hit the target with immense stopping power.......the history.

I dream about a time when they were worn on the belt in open field...on one's horse, or hurled into flight at a target, testing skill among friends. I wish I was around back then sometimes.

I never knew a Tomahawk would do that to an industry filled with liner locks, springs, kydex, G-10, Talonite, and injection molding, it's refreshing to know that something old, tried, and true...the Tomahawk....can still be stirring to the mind and heart.

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company

You should be our resident warrior/poet!
I feel the same way about them.
One of your's is next on my list.
Looks like I'm going to be hit next week for a spinal fix ... but once that's done, it's time for a hawk fix!

Great post!


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No matter what you do, some things won't work out.
No matter what you do, some things will work out.
Worry about those things that you can make a difference with.
Thanks Mike! My best to you...

Glad to know that you are familiar with the place that ATC thinks many people go in their mind's eye on occasion....

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company
Brought a tear to my eye!!!

Big-Target>>>>>I'm not called that because I'm an anorexic midget!!!
speechless overall.

However, you got me thinking about something I hadn't thought about yet with the Hawks. They do have tremendous stopping power from sheer weight, mass and blunt force. I don't think I would still be charging even if someone caught me on the arm with a flying hawk no matter where the impact took place on the hawk.

It is very formidable isn't it?

No wonder the "general" design has survived so long.

I can't wait until the modern released about.......and we get to really put it to the test in.......and the.....with...... Oops!, I did it again Andy. My daughters playing Brittany for you.
I watched the movie The Patriot over the weekend. The tomahawk is a formidible weapon indeed! Mel Gibson and company did a good job of capturing the period and the mood of when 'hawks were worn and used in battle.
Chain saws scare me. I have to use them.
I am darn carefull.
I can wear the Ranger Tab and wings.
I pack a hawk and an E-Tool in the PU.