The Sifu Megafolder birthdate in May

Bob Taylor

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Dec 10, 1998

Ok you can't say we didn't listen the Sifu was shown at the TREXPO West show and we will have a first prototype in Eugene This is actualy a bit smaller than what we will be buliding
Blade length 5.40 inches
Handle Length 6.2 inches
ATS-34 steel
Stainless liners
G-10 Scales
Weight HEAVY
reengineered Rolling Lock to accomidate the long blade (Strongest Lock we have built to date)
What are your ideas on carry? Kydex Sheath? Pocket Clip? detachable wheels? Knife Bearer? This is your idea people so keep those brain juices flowing and tickle those keyboards. I will be back monday

Bob Taylor

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How much longer than 5.4" will you go? I'd like to stay legal in my state.

Specs sound great, as for carry, I'm betting that clip carry(tip up/down another debate later) with the option for Kydex multi-position carry system will be well accepted.

I would definitely like to see the option for inside the pants and/or horizontal belt rig.

Out of curiosity, will the Sifu have impact corners like the Escalator on the handle?

This sounds like a great folder. Can a picture of the pro-type be posted so I can get an idea of the basic look and shape to figure the best carry modes?

How about a pocket carry slip sheath. You could make it of kydex (of course) with a thumb release mechanism. I for one wouldn't want to carry such a large knife clipped to my pants. In the pocket is much more discreet and comfortable!

just my opinion!

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How much weight are we talking about. 6 oz. or more?? The kydex sheath and the option of a clip would probably please most people.
User reversable clip in all four locations. If the material is dark I can live with the extra holes like on the EDI Genesis.

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I gotta second Mike's idea of a user reversible 4 position clip- but add a kydex two position sheath (vertical/ horizontal) with thumb release for redundant security.
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I tend to carry my Vaquero Grande in my front pocket, no sheath. If it starts to feel heavy, I put it in my jacket pocket, no sheath. Sometimes I wish it had a clip so I could clip it to the pocket instead of burying it in there. So a removeable clip is my top choice. Since even in a pocket this isn't much of a concealable knife, I wouldn't even insist it be a deep-pocket-carry clip.

A thumb-release sheath of minimal size -- a slip sheath, or one in which the belt loop is removeable -- would also be appealing.

What's the blade on this thing look like? sabre-ground drop point?

Pivot end clip....but I like Mr. Turber's idea, so I will third that one as well. A good old-fashioned, non-threatening black-leather belt-sheath would be nice as well.(al 'a Buck)..we don't all have to be tactical.....that, and I have come to the conclusion that I really do not like Kydex....

I prefer a tip up carry with a low ride clip. I like to carry Xtra large folders IWB on my front left or right side. It is far more comfortable than in my front pocket, plus it is virtually undetectable.

Extra Kydex sheath? It would be nice, but let's face would stay home. Far easier to carry just the knife with a clip, especially if you carry multiple blades - less bulk and weight.

I would also like to see a pic of this knife!

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I think a pivot end clip should be good. If a sheath is considered for this knife, make it a horizontal carry sheath with 2 loops. One big loop can't 'cover' blet loops.
I too would like to see a picture of this folder!
I like the slip sheath/belt carry option sort of thing. That way you're not tied into only one mode. The knife sounds pretty awesome.
Those detachable wheels do sound intrigueing tho...
Bob, How thick will the blade be? Please, 5/32"! This will be the ultimate heavy duty folder and deserves no less!


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I like the idea of a Kydex sheath with a positive locking device which would allow inverted carry. This would facilitate carrying on the belt and under a zipped up jacket. Releasing the catch would permit the knife to drop into the hand. No need to lift the jacket clear to access the rig.
Just a thought.

Brian W E
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Personally I`d like to see a pivot end pocket clip,but multi position would be even better for the masses. An optional multi carry kydex sheath would be a nice option for hikers etc. Marcus
User changeable 4 position steel clip using allen screws (please, not torx) with an optional multi carry position kydex slip sheath.

I'm eagerly anticipating the release of this knife. I'll definitely be buying one.



Suggestion: make two non-functional mockups out of carved plastic matching all dimensions of the closed final product. Give one to Edgeworks and the other to Blade-tech.

People will then be able to order any funky carry that turns 'em on.

As to blade length, I seem to recall they're trying to stay just inside the Texas 5.5" limit, which is fine. I think I read somewhere that Texas measures blade length by the "cutting edge length" per case law, so you could run at least a modest .5" choil if so desired. In those rare cases where Calif. judges blade length (local ordinances only) it's "stabbing penetration length" that matters, so the choil gets included. NOT the tang metal between the grip slabs though.

Methinks a brief consultation with a TX lawyer may be in order. That's a huge market, altough still dwarfed by CA and I can understand wanting to slip just under the TX radar.

Also: will it be possible to user-sharpen at least the outermost 2" or so of spine? It's not totally necessary'd be cool.

In any case, I WANT ONE. No question. Any blade length up over 5" in a SOLID lock is...a personal dream. Mine will shed any clip you provide and will probably live in a horizontal sheath I'll make myself, in either leather or mixed kydex/leather. This will probably cause the retirement of my old 5.5" AlMars.

Jim March
Yeap, emailed you with my order. Gotta have a couple of these SIFU's


P.S. What is the pocket clip going to be made of and what color is the clip going to be? Either way, I want em!

Given the size closed, I'd prefer no clip. Sheath or pocket carry sounds like a plan to me.

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Pivot end clip. 6" is about the maximum depth of an average pocket.

You'd probably want a good grip pullin' this out of the pocket, so a bit sticking out would be useful (this will also facilitate walking...).

Oh Boy!