The SOG Government review.

Feb 9, 2000
Well I just purchased one of the SOG Government knife and WOW. This knife is awesome. I would take this one over the SOG Seal knife any day. The Government is well balanced and fairly light for its size. It is exceptionally nice looking with its smooth shape and finish. I haven’t done any extensive blade testing yet. I don’t know if I can bring my self to even attempt to destroy this knife. Maybe we could all chip in and send James Healy from Australia one. Hehehe. It sounds like he could have no problem doing this review. Really I would just like to say I am impressed with SOG knives.

I would also like to know, if any one knows where I could get a Kydex sheath for it. I was not really over impressed with the sheath that came with it.

Yes, SOG is coming out with a Kydex sheath for the Government and most of its other fixed blade knives. Call them, retail sales are available from the factory. (888) SOG BEST.
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