The Voo Doo That Chew Do

Nov 8, 1999
When one hears the word voo doo it, conjures up visions of black magic or dolls being used as pin cushions,this is definitely not the case with Larry Chew, though what he does with his folders is somewhat magical when viewed up close.
The voo doo that Chew do refers to the pivot that is used on the majority of folders that Larry builds, It consists of very tight tolerances and 2 sets of bearings, 1 on each side of the blade,the result of this configuration is the smoothest action folder that I have ever had the opportunit to handle, and the magic does not stop there, the feel of his knives are balanced and natural, even more so now than a few months ago as Larry has started to round the edges of the scale material to a more ergonomic feel and aesthetically pleasing look, blade play horizontal and vertical are non existent, the liner lock engages the blade completely no more no less and when pressure is applied to the blade when cutting the lock remains in the same place as when it engaged, no creeping over due to the blade stop pin flexing, spline wack test was no problem as the lock did not budge, the liner detent works well as it holds the blade in the closed position to a lightly moderate jerk of the wrist in which the blade usually deploys to the locked position due to it's fluid action,blades can be had in a number of configurations the 2 that I have are fighter style with a slight recurve and scary sharp,
Larry has a number of steels that he works with on a regular basis so customers have the
opportunity to choose the steel that will best serve their needs, all liners bolsters and pocket clips are constructed of titanium unless otherwise instructed by the customer, handle materials are plentiful as well with his most used materials being G-10 and carbon fiber on straight forward tactical models, fit and finish are top notch,the transition from material to material is non existent
no ridges were there is not suppose to be and no gaps anywhere, thumb studs are unique in that they have a rubber insert that act as a non slip point of contact for the thumb.
The only problem that I have with Larry's knives is their availability or lack there of, most D/A models can be obtained through Robertsons Custom Cutlery and even he is in short supply,or you can order straight from Larry D/As or M/As but the wait is 6 to 8 months but well worth it.
I have purchased a number of customs that exceed the cost of the Cujo but it remains the standerd by which all others are judged in my modest collection.
Keep up the good work Larry.

Models tested
Cujo D/A. Blade ATS 34
Cujo Spawn M/A. Blade CPM 440 V

Kevin: I think you hit the nail right on the head. Larry Chew makes excellent D/A's-I agree with all that you said. His use of roler bearings is great-I'm a little jealous, because, I had the same idea, but, he got there well before me! Oh well, back to the old drawing board...
Also, Larry's a super nice guy-very contientious and free with information and assistance. You're smart to be buying his stuff now-for work of his quality, 8 months is very reasonable.

RJ Martin
Mr Martin
I will be purchasing your Q30 folder from Les in the near future,I have admired your fixed blade work many times and liked what I saw but tactical folders have always been my knitch and now I can fill the Martin void in my collection.
I appreciate the input of a talanted maker such as yourself and look forward to adding a Martin tactical folder to my collection.


Ok, What do you guy's want

Mr. Robinson,

Thank you for your vivid and thorough descriptions, I have heard nothing but good things about Mr. Chew’s work (Mr. Martin being one of his many fans), but yours is the most detailed first-hand account that I have come across.

What do I want, Larry? Something in CPM420V, M/A would do nicely, Thank You very much

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
Thank you for the compliment,I really enjoyed writing it.
I hope that you have had the opportunity to handle and view one of Larry's knives up close,but if not try it next time you have the chance his work speaks for itself in ways that I never could.
Now about that somthing in CPM420V how about
Cujo Spawn
Spitfire and mini Spitfire
Quicksilver(Vanguard)Robertsons Custom Cutlery
Or one of his fixed blade designs.


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