The wicked looking Mamba

Oct 17, 1999
I picked up a mint Blackjack Mamba 7-L at the Great Western show last weekend. I love the way this knife feels and looks. Shaving sharp with that neat recurve blade!

It's so pretty I haven't found the heart to use it yet but I want to. Does any Forumite have any experience with this knife? The grind is convex, very cool. I don't think I'll ever be able to resharpen it properly. If I get some positive comments I'll just have to find another one to play with. My wife thinks it is too scary to let my 6 year old son even hold it. Also, I think a Kydex sheath would be nice. Has anybody tried a Mamba with Kydex?

A bit of background on the 7L.
First made in 1993 in response to people who said the original mamba 9" was:
-too heavy
-rusts easy
-too expensive
-hard to maintain/esp. fragile scales

Steel is 440A
the primary grind is hollow, but convex belt sharpened at the edge. No big deal-just use a sharpmaker(fine rods) and you will be in good shape.

The sheaths suck-thats true. useless for anything.

Get Kydex from somebody like Frank Sigman, Edgeworks, etc etc.

I would love a shoulder harness for one of mine actually.

BJK made several versions. all USA made.
-Satin polished finish
-Black titaniium nitride
-Gold Ti
-And bead blasted

They are great "fighters" b/c of their good edge geomtry and light weight.
The handles are prone to coming loose.
Make sure the screws are loc-tited well or epoxied.

Thats about all I can remember right now.

BTW, I own the original prototype ground by Vaugn Neeley. Its nice.

An edge that's hollow ground but convex sharpened at the edge?! Oh no! I love how sharp it is (shaves hair with ease) but now I know I don't want to play with the edge.

Hey Anthony, does anyone make a similar design? I saw a "Magnum" "Grizzly Bear" in the Kershaw catalog (#KE165) designed by Tak Fukota that looks similar but that was about it.