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These are pretty cool...2 new ones from Chuck Hallberg


This one is 3V with buckeye handles and mosaic pins. Filework on top doubles as a thumb ramp. Edge angle is at 30 degrees inclusive so it really slices. Just over 7" OAL. Leather sheath with anodized pocket clip. I can slide this in my pocket and carry a small fixed blade about as easily as a folder. Chuck did an excellent job in designing the sheath. I could not be happier with this knife.

This next one was a birthday present for my youngest daughter who has very high design standards for a fifteen year old. I had a lot of fun exchanging ideas with Chuck and this is what we came up with.


Same OAL as above. D2 steel, wickedly sharp. Filework on the spine. The best part, IMO, is the anodized titanium spacer underneath the cutout carbon fiber. Turned out really nicely. Even with the spacer the knife is very thin and will disappear under almost any top that she wears (even some that you wouldn't think would be possible
Any other fathers of 15 year olds out there?). Needless to say she was thrilled to receive it, and even better, wears it as often as she can.

As always, Chuck was great to deal with and once again the results have exceeded my expectations. The wheels are already turning on the next one.


Apr 24, 2000
Very nice, Jack. That burl wood looks incredible. My 15 yr. old daughter couldn't care less about knives.
But I don't have to share my knife budget with her.
To be honest, Joe, I'm not sure. I got both knives in a package deal, so I'm not sure where the price of one leaves off and the other begins. I'll alert Chuck that we're talking about him and let him answer that question for you.

Great pics. Jack, I'm glad everyone liked
the knives. As always it's pleasure working
with you, and I'm looking forward to the next project.

Joe I'm asking 135. for the neck knives
as pictured above.

Chuck Hallberg