they took my money and sent me nothing

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Apr 7, 1999
I have to be carful here because I have not called the dealer yet, and for all I know he may turn out to be very helpful. This is what happened to me: In May I ordered a CS Safekeeper for 75 dollars. (Use the search and check the general forum under User name: generallobster. The post "lack of success with mail order" was posted the day I found out my order was lost.
Anyway I went to the post office and got a money order, and then I sent it off. Two weeks later I called to check the status of the order. They said that there was no record of it. So I got pissed at the post office for loosing my mail. Well you have to wait two months before a PS 6401 form can be filled which tracks down the money order. So I waited then filled it out. Now another two months have passed, and today I got a letter that came from the post office. They tracked the money order down and said that it was cashed. They also sent me two photo copies of micro film which showed the front and back of the money order. On endorsment line was the company stamp and the bank into which they deposited the money order. To Cougar Allen: ironically the date the money order was cashed was the same date you posted a message telling me to have the post office cancel the payment--May 19.
My question is what do I do now? The only explanation I have is that the money order must have been placed in a pile with all the other checks to be cashed, and they simply forgot to write up an order for it. I hate the situation I am in because I know that when I call, I will come off sounding as if I am accusing them of foul play. They will no doubt think that I am the one who is trying to rip them off. I just want to know a few things from the members here: Has this ever happened to you? What would you do in my situation? And what is going to happen to my money--there must be some thing that prevents people from cashing checks and not sending the product right?

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The call to the dealer should tell the story. Hopefully it was an honest mistake. Maybe next time you could ask them to check their deposit records. You are a patient man!

The one time I sent a check for $200 to buy a Cobra from someone I didn't know turned out fine. Now I use a credit card with the reputable dealers that lurk at BFC.


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They have accepted payment, you have proof. They either have to refund your money or show proof of services. Otherwise it is mail fraud. Do not hesitate to inform them of this.


If I read your post right, you have a copy of the money order with the companie's endorsement right?
Send them a copy of it and ask "where's my knife?"
You got the money now I would like my knife please, thank you very much!
Why should you feel bad?!
You paid for the knife, you have proof that you paid for the knife, now all your lacking is that which you paid for!
Call them and ask WTF?! Do it nicely and they'll be more inclined to work with you. Don't be hesitant. You paid for it and didn't get it. Your not at fault here, buddy!
Good Luck!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I thought this thread was going to be about taxes....

"there must be some thing that prevents people from cashing checks and not sending the product right?"

Yes, there are several such things, and one of the best of them is the Mail Fraud Department. Give the dealer one more chance first, though. Sometimes businesses just screw up, honestly.

-Cougar Allen :{)
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