Think I'm gonna get an AFCK.. now, what kind?

Nov 12, 1998
Well, more specifically, I'm going to buy a mini-AFCK. Now I'm mulling over which to purchase; the plain blade, or the combo with black metal treating?

What do you guys think?

=- Dan
I have used a mini-AFCK for a carry knife while working (for utility purposes) for at least 3 years (hard to remember exactly how long...) Mine is BT2 coated which is fantastic - no care besides wiping the blade off after use and never a spot of corrosion! My mini is the combo pattern because I sometimes work on a boat and it cuts rope easily on the back of the blade and also zips through a seat belt at an accident rather nicely...if I did not need this I'd rather have the ease of sharpening the plain edge (although I'm still in need of improvement on my sharpening skills!)

Hope this gives you some food for thought. Are you going with the standard ATS-34 or thinking of the new M2 steel?

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Well I'm thinking the harder metal.. now, I wouldn't want the headache of maintenance, but that coating seems to do the work for you

However, does the plain edge come in M2? I thought only the combo did. Regardless, I'm thinking that the combo is more useful.

My other concern is how "nasty" the blade looks.. I don't necessarily wanna scare all the poor scared-of-pointy-objects people out there

Any other opinions?

(BTW you've pretty much hit my intended use on the head -- carry to the office, to school, and maybe some light outdoors use)


=- Dan (gonna order -real- soon.. mayhaps this weekend. 2 days shipping and then I'm happy)
I think I have like 7 different AFCK knives, all in different configurations (including the fully-serrated version).

I don't think you can lose no matter what model you pick, they are all fantastic knives. I have just a plain edge 800 ATS-34 uncoated that I use around the house for ripping open boxed and mail. I'll occasionally spray it down with WD40 to get all the tape gum off it and will touch it up on a Spyderco Sharpmaker, which makes it _really_ sharp (they should bundle the Sharpmaker with the AFCK!). Fantastic knive, really holds up well.

The only gripe I've heard is that the sort of "false edge" grind contribute to a weak tip. I've never broken a tip off but I've also kept this in mind when I'm doing any sort of digging with it. Outside of that you usually only hear great things about the AFCK.

The M2 steel (800HSS) ones are the real "choice" ones if you can find them. They did a limited run and they are pretty much all gone. You can get this thing so sharp that the hairs will leap from your arm just at the sight of the blade and it keeps an edge for a very long time and is easy to touch up.

I have a M2 Mini-AFCK with a plain edge. But according to the Benchmade Forum, they only made 150 of them. They made 500 of the other versions of M2 AFCK's.

The "Ripoff Knife Co." just got a few M2 AFCK's in stock. I believe both style's and sizes. Here is their email:
Also the phone #(732) 886-0215
Tell them I sent ya. You won't get a cheaper price(the prices are already low), but I like saying that.


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I have a M2 AFCK with plain edge enroute from Northwest Cutlery as we speak. Don't know for sure what I'll use it for though - particularly since I'm growing fond of my 975 strong side for backup knife and my ATS Mini for utility work weak side carry.

I don't know if Leslie still has any M2 AFCK's at Northwest but hey, its and 800 number!

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We did just get a fresh shipment of the full size AFCK in M2 steel in. They (Benchmade) are completely out of the minis and don't have any on the production schedule at this point. These are ALL plain edge, as were 99% of the models made. The combo edge models were sales samples early on and haven't been available for some time. Just thought I'd clarify.



Northwest Cutlery

The AFCK is superb. Get the large for the biggrer handle. BT2 is great. The M-2 are no longer partially serrated, probably because its too tough on the machinery.

For the money, there is nothing better.