Thirsty Tomahawk, truth to the blade superstitions????

Oct 8, 1998

I usually do not trade in mumbo jumbo or other superstition, but maybe there is some truth to some of the less than scientific.

For example: My new Rifleman's Tomahawk from Cold Steel.

This thing is thirsty, it scraped me across the back of my L hand. And took a good bite out of my R thumb. Big enough bite that I stitched it with Super Glue.

Now to put this into perspective, I cut myself so rarely that I don't even own band-aids. So, I am thinking that this hawk has a personality.

Or maybe I play with it too much?

What do y'all think?

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It probably just got curious and since it is young and therefore easily excited went a little too far. I always cut myself so my new blades can know what I taste like right away. They rarely desire a second helping.

Well, she got me twice. Must like the taste.

My brother was saying that he bets there is a guy in Taiwan sans finger.

She bites me after all the time and energy I put into her.

I grooved har handle, sanded her down....

Maybe I was not gentle enough????

It's true!! Every time I cut myself, it is always with a new knife. HHMMMM....Curious!
The new ones alway get you! I think its just because you always fiddle w/ new knives and in you exitement forget to be careful... But I had a friend who actually believed that crap and would "Chrisan" (sp?) his new blades w/ pig blood (yeah he was a little weird!)
My Granddad always used to say that a knife wasn't really "your's" unitl it had gotten a bit of your blood on it. Then it knew its owner.

Funny now that you mention it. I only get cut with new knives... I'll keep a look-out for the guy with no fingers, since I'm in Taiwan.