Three knives in, would love some feedback.

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Not bad for your first three knives.

As you know now, 1/4" is twice as thick as you should have used. 1/8" stock is good for all but big camp choppers.

The shape and filing of the little #3 was the best. If it had a 2.5 "to 3" blade and a 4" handle it would be a great hunter/skinner.

The angle in the spine of #1 where the handle meets the blade isn't good. Make it a smooth curved or straight transition.

#2 is OK, but the handle is a tad too fat.

The stickys have lots of good info. You can post photos directly on the page here, which will get more viewing. The info on how to post a photo is in the stickys.

A high tension hack saw frame will make cutting a lot easier. They cost about $20-$25.
to start congrats on finishing your first 3 blades. to point out like stacy said 1/4" is a bit thick for the designs you have. 1/8" would have been optimal. besides that the only major thing I saw that needs a little attention is pin placement. I'd work on laying them out and having them a little more centered. keep at it your on the right track
Big improvement from knife 1 to 3! The handle still looks a bit blocky for my taste. Don't be afraid to really shape those scales rather than just rounding the edges.