Three XM-18 Scales For 3.5”

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Jan 24, 2016
I have up for sale three XM-18 Scales 3.5” all from different makers.

Bronze Carbon Fiber 3D Scale with wave texturing made by Aramis at Aratech - $85

Copper Snake Carbon Fiber 3D Scale made by Suingab - $OLD

Burlap Micarta OD Green 2D Scale made by RC Bladeworks - $OLD

All scales are new and have only been mounted for pictures. First person to state that they will take it from in the comments will recite priority. You can contact me by messaging me or by email at [email protected]

2719BF35-6EA8-4959-BBE9-E2A44A80AD62.jpeg 40BA1FC3-722B-4DCE-B9B7-C04D6801B90D.jpeg 0F59B3E2-C64D-47E7-A810-C0650F17AEBA.jpeg F7B311DF-8A44-466F-BA0E-634381001BC9.jpeg FAB73E3C-802B-4D3D-AE26-A200EAED9F9E.jpeg
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