Thunderwear (Knife Content)

May 4, 1999
Hello all,

Just got my Thunderwear (the combination model) yesterday from

Unfortunately, California "law" prohibits me from legally carrying a firearm, so in the interest of remaining on this side of the bars I have opted thus far not to exercise my constitutional right to bear arms.

Nevertheless, I did have a purpose in mind when ordering this holster: knives! Large knives, in particular my Cold Steel Vaquero Grandes, one of which I have tucked away in my Thunderwear as I type this from work.

The combo model I have has three pockets; one large pocket in the back which is about the length of the pocket in my wallet, but quite a bit deeper, which is great for concealing cash if you need to, or other small objects. Like more knives. The other two pockets are sewn on top of the back pocket, and are designed for J frame revolvers or small frame autos. As I’ve found out, they also work extremely well for my Vaquero Grande. And with two such pockets, I could carry both of them if I were inclined to do so. I think I’ll just stick with the one for now and leave the other pocket empty. They also make a larger model for large handguns, which I imagine might handle mid-sized fixed blades as well.

Construction quality is excellent. The holster is nicely sewn, made of denim, and the back is some sort of padded cotton that is very comfortable. (Sorry, VG, no lace!
) The whole thing is very flat, probably not much more than ¼ inch. It’s designed to be worn over the shirt and under the pants.

I swear the designers of Thunderwear must have had the Vaquero Grande in mind when they made the holster; it fits the knife perfectly. The holster is shaped like an athletic cup, so the front pockets are shaped approximately like quarter circles and the VG fits perfectly into either of them with the back of the handle along the curved part of the pocket. This is what I mean by it matching so well; the curve of the VG’s handle exactly matches the curve on the pocket and the top of the VG comes right to the top of the holster. It’s a very secure fit.

To access the knife, just take your pants off…

Just kidding. You only have to pull the waistline out, reach in and grab the knife, since the holster’s worn over the shirt. It’s actually faster for me than reaching a knife clipped to my pocket.

I’ve tried running up and down stairs, sitting, bending, driving, etc. and have not been able to find any position in which it’s not comfortable. You’d think that having a knife with a handle in the 6” range hidden in your pants would be uncomfortable, but it just ain’t so! Not only is it not uncomfortable, it’s completely invisible. I mean completely. So far I’ve worn it under pants, jeans and shorts, with and without a shirt, and in no case has my wife been able to tell I have it on, even when she’s looking for it.

So if you’re looking to carry a knife of this size, I’d recommend looking into this holster. At $65 it isn’t exactly cheap, but I think it’s worth it. If you call them to order, and you don’t want their videotapes, be prepared to say so. The guy’s a bit of a salesman

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