Tigerstriped blades

I've been wondering that too. I think it might be paint but maybe someone more knowledgable can enlighten us.
This pattern can be done with a resist on a blade and then etched,but it will be shiny and grey.
I have seen a picture of a Damascus patterned blade that was done with zebra stripes also...
I bet a Damascus blade that has been resisted and etched would make a cool pattern like the tiger stripes....
You mean Tiger Stripes like this?

Rob you have to quit posting pics of that knife! I see it everywhere. KFC, Tom & Jerry forum, Strider forum, and I'm even starting to see it my dreams. You are a very cruel man to keep showing that knife when you are not taking orders and there is no way for me to have one:mad:

Are you coming to the Spirit of Steel show and if so are you bringing some of them badboys with you?:D

btw Like that rifle too. Looks alot like mine but I think yours has a couple of more notches on the selector:(
:eek: :cool:
Hooley dooley, nice zebra alright! I'm actually after the tan and brown camo thing but that is hellacious :)
Ok, no more pics! :) Besides, I stole the idea from the Strider Guys, with permission!

Samhell, that is a proto for Les Robertons, for his Vanguard series called the El Tigre. I dont know if he has sold them all yet or not.

Ferret, wish I could do brown, tan, and green. I am working on it! ;)

Tiger stripes as in Tiger stripe camo, I use my t shirt for a pattern. Maybe call it zebra camo!

Sam, yep mine has the notches in the selector, and a 11 1/2" barrel, great fun, goes through the C mag in no time!
O.k. Rob, here goes:

1) How do you do YOUR type of stripes???

2) Did Eagle or SOE make that sheath? Or did you put down the crochet and sew up some nylon yourself?? :p
And most important, when are you delivering mine to Les? :D