Timberline/Butch Vallotton collaboration knives

Hope this day before Thanksgiving finds you well. Hope to get to the Charlotte show this Dec. and go out to eats with you folks. I picked one of these up at a hardware store in Spartanburg S.C. Odoms Ace Hardware, claim to be the largest knife dealer in S.C. and after a visit they just might be! It is spring assisted. I thought the liners were too thin, but it seem to have good lockup with no discernable blade play. It is a quick opener, even if it is a bit small.
Thats about all I can think of at the moment. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Art - thanks for the response and hope you and yours have a nice holiday. Even though the liners are thin, keep in mind that the aluminum scales also add strength without adding the extra weight.

Hope to see you at the upcoming show. This time, you ARE coming to lunch with us even if we have to drag you kicking and screaming

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The sample I handled would never pass your "photon light down the frame" test. there were enough light gaps between the handle halves to start a greenhouse. I know it is relatively inexpensive, but I am not impressed. I wouldn't trust the one I handled for more than cutting cheese. Soft cheese at that

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I have played with Discovery Lock prototype at Nuremberg IWA'2000 (March) and I have found it quite interesting though somewhat unfinished in details (normal thing for prototype). There were made some cutouts which displayed how this knife works. Opening assist works basically differently from Ken Onion's Speed Safe. If I remember well it is based on stretchable spiral spring but not on torsion bar.
They promised to send me more info when this knife will be released completely. About two months or so later I called them and they answered that they will send me press release and photos. So far I received nothing.
not trying to start any controvery here, but I have it on VERY good advise that Kershaw has taken them to court on this and Kershaw is standing firm on stopping this knife from being produced.